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Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Issue 6 + Mighty Morphin Issue 1 Reviewed

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Issue 6

Joker is obsessed with Harley. Her unloving mother has died. Where is Batman? The Joker murders people. The Joker gets arrested. This was creepy and it has a cliffhanger. This was short but good.

Best Lines:

“Doubt you care,”

“What's that awful smell?”

“Let me guess. They found someone near a park bench with a hacksaw?”

“I'm not a profiler, but the guy's appearance definitely doesn't conform to social norms.”

“Unless he's out of the cuffs.”

Mighty Morphin Issue 1

We see Zordon and there is a new Green Ranger as the green power coin has been stolen. Where did this new ranger come from? How did they get the power? It better not be Matt. The teens hang out at the Angel Grove Youth Center. What's a chaos crystal? Tommy doesn't like Matt. Skull has a girlfriend. There is plotting. Bulk and Skull have issues. Does Billy have secrets? The new green ranger isn't friendly. Why does the panda monster want the green ranger? The new green ranger has new powers and poses and is a dick. Don't let it be Matt. The new green ranger wields Tommy's dragon dagger. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“An invader's promise means nothing.”

“Take your slave army back to where they come from.”

“Your actions violate all interstellar laws and--”

“Then I shall destroy you and rewrite your laws. Right and wrong are mometary, chosen only by those who wield true power.”

“A music festival in a city known for creatures falling out of the sky?”

“You do have a slightly different history with green rangers. No offense, Tommy.”

“Pandas are far too adoreable to be deadly.”

“I told you to give it an axe.”

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