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Book Reviews: Power Rangers Volume Thirteen: Necessary Evil + The Cousins

Power Rangers Volume Thirteen: Necessary Evil

The Rangers and all new Omega rangers take on Dayne, Kiya and the Anointed. Kiya is a corrupt ranger and inherently evil. There are less than ideal circumstances and Kiya is difficult to engage with on a social level. There is a doorway, Grace, incoherent fights and Rangers have jetting ability.

Tommy is sick of Jason's arrogance and lies. Jason justifies what he did. The teens are extremely good at violence. Kiya wants control and domination and reprisals and is vengeful. This does not innovate. Jason has a tone that implies he's inherently good. Like Kiya, he turns himself into a victim. Kiya is in denial of her own cruelty. The Ranger Slayer shows up. How are the rangers breathing in space?

The rangers have to save ungrateful idiots. Zedd shows up again, sigh. If Kiya is no longer connected to the morphing grid, how can she morph? This was okay, even if Drakkon's back.

Best Lines:

“Mighty gods, forgive me for my actions.”

“Knocked me around.”

“Crazy lethal flying alien.”

“All I offer is the mercy that was never given me.”

“Now I now technically you're supposed to be one of the good Tommy's, but......it's only a matter of time until you're not.”

“You're got the whole power hungry egomaniacal warlord thing down.”

“This is extraordinarly bad.”

“I was hoping I'd get a crack at you, pony tail.”

“Time to fall, rangers.”

“Let me guess, this is where you give me one last chance to stop all this insanity. Maybe offer to help me because......we're freinds and that's what friends do for one another. Does that sound about right?”

“Nope......I'm done with all that.”

“I can't keep running from what I've done......or from who I was any longer.”

“I was expecting that to be way more dramatic.”

The Cousins by Karen M. McManus

From the author of 'One Of Us Is Lying' and 'Two Can Keep A Secret' comes this tale of a family that never had a redeeming quality to speak of. The Story family are rich and envied on Gull Cove Island until the matriach cut her 4 children off. 24 years later cousins Aubrey, Milly and Jonah Stlory are invited to Gull Cove Island. There they look into the enigma of their parents disinheritance/disowning and the mystery of their grandmother. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Vomited into my toychest.”

“Confrontation. Not my thing.”

“Sworn enemy for life.”

“Freeze someone out for disappointing her.”

“What had she ever done, except like him?”

“No consequences for some people, ever.”

“No one cared enough to ask why.”

“Refuses to get a job.”

“If there's one thing, my father has an unshakeable belief in, it's himself as a misunderstood genius.”

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