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Movie Reviews: U-Turn + Stir Of Echoes + Stage Mother + Peter Rabbit

U-Turn (2020)

This Filipino horror is subtitled and not good.

Stir Of Echoes (1999)

Kevin Bacon is hypnotised and sees a ghost. This is insanely bizarre as transparently malicious types lurk. This was tired and smug and full of sadwoe and yelling and bad acting. This was ill-conceived and wonky.

Best Lines:

“Monster tape.”

“This was a decent neighbourhood!”

Stage Mother (2020)

A church choir director is discomfited and discommoded when she inherits a drag bar from her dead son who ODed on stage. She eventually responds positively to Pandora's Box. There is asperity. She has a grave and clear obligation to help the hostile. There is bad acting and this was beyond underwhelming. Her husband is awful and this has no searing honesty. There is duplicity and this was not a reputable business. The son was not sexually virtuous in his father's eyes. This was a fiasco and a farce and the funeral is indefensibly tacky.

Best Lines:

“You're straight? So is spaghetti until you get it hot and wet!”

“Neither amazing nor graceful.”

“You can't punish him anymore.”

“Moved on from us years ago, by his own choice!”

Peter Rabbit (2018)

Mr McGregor wants Peter Rabbit gone from his veggie garden. James Corden voices Peter and ruins everything. The books are beloved. This is not. Rose Byrne, Sam Neill and 2 'Star Wars' actors feature. This is poo and truly vile.

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