epiphany_maria (epiphany_maria) wrote,

Jericho Season 3: Civil War Issue 1 Review

Picking up where season 2 left off, the AS takes revenge on Texas, Jake broods, the civil war must be fought differently and Hawkins sets out on another impossible mission. As for Jericho? Major Beck is covertly assisting the Jericho resistance. This was good but the Beck plot doesn’t seem to tie in with the end of season 2.

Beck is still working for and with the AS despite seemingly rebelling at the end of season 2. Also the AS has Jericho in its grip and the resistance is therefore covert. Didn’t Beck’s troops rip off their AS flag patches at the end of season 2 and join him in rebelling? So why is Beck back with the AS and he and his troops are all sporting the AS flag patch? Why is the resistance covert? Why wasn’t Texas prepared for the AS strike back? Maybe all this will be answered in future issues. I fully intend to keep reading.
Tags: jericho

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