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Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Batman Hush + Dceased Dead Planet Issue 5 Reviewed

Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Batman Hush

An alien called Tempus Fuginaut floats in space orating. Thomas Elliot aka Hush stole the Wayne fortune and Bruce is a loony in Arkham. Why does Dinah Drake dress like a hooker? Thomas and Talia hang out. Gotham is an indepedent city state. Jack Napier is Bruce Wayne's lackey.This was absolutely awful and hilariously inept and boringly formulaic and dull. Barbara Gordon is a vigilante and Richard Grayson is different. What became of Barbara? There is exposition and what happened to Alfred? There is a sorta Batcave. There is even more exposition and Bruce has worsening psychosis. What became of Thomas and why is Bruce keeping people in cages? What about Tim Drake?

Best Lines:

“Dangerous bad boy of the Gotham club scene Jason Todd.”

“Helping is expedite the compulsory legal rituals.”

“What do you mean “other incidents”?”

“I could have taken more...decisive action if you'd asked.”

“The Oracle herself.”

“I have nothing to say to you, zombie fascist.”

“How Dr Crane laughed when I told him that story.”

Dceased Dead Planet Issue 5

Constantine and Swamp Thing plot. Who or what is Ravager? Nanda Parabat is seen. The spear of destiny is nicked. Things are gratutious. People go to the rock of eternity. Who is Captain Marvel Jnr? There is death and Cassandra Cain becomes Shazam. Spectre is the ghost of wrath. Okay then. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“What's in this room? Why can't I see inside?”

“Um...because the door's closed?”

“Why have you summoned me, you sad Merlin wannabe?”

“No one will die who isn't already dead.”

“What? She can sometimes see the future and she still married you?”

“You stabbed a goddess!”

“We need his staff.”

“Only the pure of heart can access the wizard's powers and that isn't any of us.”

“If I'm wrong, we'll all be too dead to notice.”

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