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'Spooks' 7x06 promo

Lucas, sigh.

'Alien Worlds' promo

“Any number of worlds in the universe.”

'Spooks' 7x07 promo


'Raised By Wolves' promo


'Spooks' 7x08 promo

Lucas in peril, again.

Veritable lucullus de valencienves – yum.

Terry's Chocolate Orange doughnut – yum.

Very berry juice – nice.

La Birlou – strong.

Dark choc with lemendras y avellanas enteras – okay.

I feel an aversion to my ex. I feel actively excluded, marginalised, ignored and avoided. My ex did a crushing rejection. My ex doesn't greatly regret his actions. My ex was not quite as charming as I though; he was in fact transparently insincere.

An ice cream shop I liked has closed.

I want a blue night sky crescent moon and stars dangle charm and a sparkling snowflake collier necklace and a sparkling snowflake circle dangle charm. I want a silk camisole. I want a tourmaline, sapphire and 18ct gold ring.

I'd try turf smoked butter and sheep yoghurt and raw vegan truffles.

Poor David Prowse, Darth Vader felled by covid.

I want chocolate cream.

'Alien Worlds' was not good.

Clarks could go bust.

'We Are Who We Are' = boring.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Select the answers it wants to find.”

“May need to rediscover its relevance.”

“What does it portend?”

“Massive financial transition.”

“No alchol will be served anywhere!”

“Damaging cycle.”

“Warrant that response from you.”

“Controversial history”

“Becoming increasingly insignificant.”

“Social impact.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quote:

“An incident in the 16th century involving an unruly mob and a bench.”

'The Diana Interview: The Truth About The Scandal' Quotes:

“Dark conspiracy.”

“Very, very weird.”

“Drive a wedge between them.”

“Relatively isolated.”

“Recurring intimacy.”

“Nuisance messages.”

“Concerted fightback.”

“Highly damaging.”

“Terribly unfair confrontation.”

“Web of deceit.”

“Rude, dismissive.”

“Terrible mistake.”

“Senior cadre.”

“Things would be as they'd always been.”

“Persistent troublemakers.”

“Has a troubled history.”

“Note of exoneration.”

“Trust nobody else.”

“Aren't you filled with rage?”

“Consider my legal options.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The level of vitriol.”

“Police deployed toward a baying mob and missiles flying.”

“Cannot handle defeat.”


“Hew again to international norms.”

“Loitered drunk around kebab stands.”

“Gives me the feeling I'm worth something to him.”

“Supporter unrest.”

“Prompted supporters to demonstrate forcefully.”


“Mocked one relentlessly.”

“Operated a regime based upon fear.”

“Regularly punctuated by sustained by outbursts of anger and vicious, personalised tirades.”

“Abusive rants.”

“Avoid responsibility.”

“Few of these depictions have been flattering.”

“Never took accusations of emotional abuse seriously.”

“Increasing in scale and vitriol.”

“Belatedly acknowledged.”

“Impending and severe consequences.”

“Social consequences.”

“Knowingly doing what is wrong.”

“Motivated by malice.”

“Morally horrendous.”

“Some people want to go missing.”

“Almost entirely empty.”

“Negative aspects.”

“Cannot be absolved of blame.”

“Coaching dinosaur only interested in rabble-rousing.”

“Threats of retaliation.”

“False perception of life.”

“Assumptive world, the world we think we should be living in.”

“Destined for a charity shop.”

“Behavioural agility.”

'How To Get Away With Murder' Quotes:

“Thrive in averse situations.”

“Not getting chosen to be a part of her cult. Each of her interns nearly flunked out due to her drama and those are the ones still alive.”

“I don't know what happened to you as a child to make you behave like a sociopath.”

'Lewis' Quotes:

“I despise my elected government.”

“To be loved, to be needed.”

“Don't take that tone of blokey sympathy with me.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Very sad new normal.”

“Searchlights of science.”

'Alien Worlds' QuoteS:

“All life forms need a planet to live on.”

“Sky grazers.”

“Constant threat that something big will get through and reset the course of life on the planet.”

'The Hunger' Quotes:

“Their identities forgotten.”

“Built toward disaster.”

“Even the crows have been reduced to skeleltons.”

“Living in the same hovel.”

“Became a vast tomb.”

“Kin-related people.”

“The ranks below.”

“No man's business to provide for another.”

“Insufficient to sustain life.”


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