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Book Review: Grave Secrets

Grave Secrets: The Lavington Windsor Mysteries by Alice James

This is the 1st in a new British urban fantasy series. Toni Windsor is a manic pixie dream girl who lives in small green and pleasant village. She's a necromancer, dating a vampire, hanging around lots of other men and dodgy vampires and solving murders and befriending zombies. There is a LOT going on in this book and plot threads are left dangling for follow up books. This does have a LOT of smiliar plot beats to the 'Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter' series and the 'Underworld' movies. Vampires are repulsive and intentionally harsh and violent. Why are vampires sex gods who get away with murder? Why do they make callous decisions? Why are vampires so deeply factionalised? This was good. Vampires are deceitful and a great mystery pervades around a wretched crisis. Horrendous chocies have to be made.

Best Lines:

“No one noticed he'd been sitting at the same table for more than seventy years, outliving four publicans, two breweries and three name changes.”

“If anything looks odd, run away.”

“Occasionally pictured in the newspapers hanging out with the offspring of D-list popstars.”

“He'd made a lot of enemies – and he'd killed most of them too.”

“He didn't ask for salvation.”

“Decades had grown old around him,”

“Produce a fake heir every thirty years or so and pretend to be our own grandchildren.”

“If you don't like my bill, will our office mysteriously burn to the ground too?”

“The noise of a major organ bouncing along the floor,”

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