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Movie Reviews: Arkansas + Westworld + Poisonous Protege + Coriolanus 👎👎👎👎

Arkansas (2020)

Vince Vaughn, Liam Hemsworth, Vivica A. Fox and John Malkovich star. Hemsworth voiceovers and this was surreal but not in a good way. Rednecks have not got anything to look forward to. They have a really, really hard life of low level drug dealing. There are perceived tensions and no resilience.

There is loneliness, isolation and routine. There is impersonality and they get involved in something that's really dangerous. The fall for them is so much further. This was silly with no intelligent and instructed people. There are no great minds here just grief and misery. They are ignorant, self-indulgent dupes. This was idiotic and silly and it was full of social evils.

There is selfishness and stupidity and there was no dramatic presence. There is a classic reversal of perpetrator and victim. They are creatures of different worlds, there is time that is passing. This was soulless and people face uncertain fates and this was not relevant.

People are seething and this was darkly beautiful. Nobody is well intentioned. This was not pleasing and it's amazing what people take for normal. There are problems nobody foresaw. This was ill thought out. It is not only not right, it's not even wrong. This was pulpy. This was indifferently received. This was not unforgettable.

There are missed chances. This was spurious and it had no eloquent brilliance. People are ill fated and there are emotional outbursts and overblown rhetoric. There is precarity and an ideological no-man's land. There are negative impacts and no rigour or passion. There are dangerous or untrustworthy types and implications. There is chaos and confusion and it is a profoundly fretful time. There is a sad tracjectory though the purgatories in this banal film. There is comedy yelling and this was really terrible.

Best Lines:

“Someone who fights like you should have a weapon.”

“Deadbeats and scumbags.”

“Relying on other people is the fastest way to end up dead.”

“Something of a criminal mastermind.”

“Strong, silent type.”

“You may never refuse an order and you may never quit.”

“Do not socialise with the locals.”

“Inconsequential falsehoods.”

“My doings.”

“Who raised you son?”

“Do you like creepy?”

Westworld (1973)

This was written and directed by Michael Crichton. Delos is a resort offering robot simulations of the wild west, medieval Britian and ancient Rome. James Brolin and Richard Benjamin face off with Yul Brynner as a robot gunslinger. Brynner stares and wears his costume from the 1960 'Magnificent Seven'. The park is full of safety hazards and live ammuntion and real weapons. This was dated looking. The hair and facial hair alone is scary.

Lines are said with no conviction. There is slo-mo and shirtlessness and a robot snake. The gunslinger is cruelly petulant and this was absolutely awful. There is self delusion and the robots step outside the narrative. Emotionally stunted men tantrum and this is increasingly improbable. This was phenomenally nasty. This was bad shlock that was perfunctory and not bearable and it was the least interesting.

Best Lines:

“Nothing can go wrong.”

“Paying a thousand dollars a day for this.”

“Refusing a guest's seduction.”

Poisonous Protege (2019)

There is wellness guru drama. This was directed by Daphne Zuniga. There is mindless braying and indefensible behaviour. A woman's sister is murdered. She thinks the jerk husband did it. He's a liar and a cheater and yells which doesn't help his defense. There is no logic battle. This was frankly stupid and the dead woman's son is a low, trash junkie.

This was incredibly disappointing. There is great emotional stress and ambivalent feelings. There is bad acting and this was barmy. The hubby is useless. This was very bad and horrible. There is no trust justified. There is egregious behaviour and she's unfair and openly hostile. The hubby is belligerent and the 'twist' is obvious. There are dark and dangeorus times.

Best Lines:

“In your body and in your power.”

“You ruined everything you cared about!”

Coriolanus (2011)

Various stars spews Shakespeare. I've no idea what is being said or what is happening. A war hero is exiled and seeks out an old enemy (Gerard Butler) to team up for revenge. Jon Snow appears as himself! This was not good.

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