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Book Reviews: White Trash Warlock + One By One

White Trash Warlock by David R. Slayton

The 1st in the 'Adam Binder Novels'. Adam didn't go to a school of magic instead his jackass older brother Bobby dumped him in a loony bin for years. Bobby walked away to shed his poor background to be a middle class jerk. Adam endured and has magic and lives in the backwoods. But now Bobby needs his brother's help to save his ignored wife from a horrifying spirit. Bobby never apologises for anything and their mother treats Adam like he is something stuck to her shoe. Now Adam can use his magic for good, nobody ever says thank you. This was a good fantasy novel which involved magic, reapers, death, elves and a jerkass family.

Best Lines:

“It would be nice if Bobby could be less of a moron.”

“He couldn't have said no anyway. Bobby knew better than that.”

“Knew not to correct his father, especially not in public.”

“Existed only in fading memories.”

“Loitered near ruins and hoarded ancient things.”

“Dad had been angry a lot,”

“She likes her fancy words.”

“None of this is normal, Bobby Jack, not even for our family.”

“Backwoods magic and condemnation went hand in hand.”

“Hospitals are quite dull. Your televisison shows make it seem like it's all explosions and illicit sex in closets.”

“A watchtower has not fallen in centuries.”

One By One by Ruth Ware

From the author of 'The Lying Game', 'The Death Of Mrs Westaway' and 'The Turn Of The Key' comes this tale of a corporate retreat at a ski chalet. This was derivitive bilge that was an utterly improbable Agatha Christie ripoff. Heinous and gruesome realities are revealed in very sinister fashion. People show unpleasant aspects and are malicious and vindictive as they try to establish accountability. One doesn't care how the situation resolves itself.

Best Lines:

“Stealth vegans.”

“Pathologically greedy.”

“Even then, she dressed like some kind of sister-wife.”

“Glancing over their shoulders and scheming.”

“Used to them forgetting about me, taking me for granted, ignoring me.”

“Tired, charity-shop look.”

“It sounds annoyed.”

“Pour thirty-year old brandy down the sink, and pick melted camembert out of the dining-room rug.”

“The friends I don't have,”

“You have to want it a lot.”

“There's nothing they can ban you for.”

“People have a habit of pulling away from me.”

“School was so horrible.”

“You're the one who pulled off the Bear Grylls stuff.”

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