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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Spooks' 7x03 promo


'Don't Listen' promo

“Evil exists. It lies in wait.”

'Spooks' 7x04 promo


Irish cream liqueur – yum.

I miss orange Viscounts.

Sur Tous autres.

I've a deeply distrustful nature.

There is bamboo cutlery?

I want a bronze satin tie blouse.

What is preserved lemon yogurt? What is in a vegan cheese and pate board?

'Arrow' Quote:

“I miss you every day.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“I told you never to come here again.”

“Ticket pocket.”

'Urban Myths' Quote:

“He ain't got a mind.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“National god.”

“The way he existed.”

“Came from the street.”

'Arena' Quotes:

“A useless life.”

“Reasons again, ungiven.”

“What kind of people are you?”

“Political disrespect.”

“Love and endure.”

“Don't throw my television at the dinner anymore.”

“Dreadful old witch.”

“Throw a sofa at me.”

'The Last Days Of Anne Boleyn' Quotes:

“So captivated the king, he was prepared to tear the christian church apart in order to have her.”

“Unique to its time and place.”

“Stir strong argument.”

“Brutal speed of her downfall.”

“Unbecoming glee.”

“Never ceased to call herself queen.”

“Notorious for their scheming ambitions.”

“A basis of cold ambition.”

“Stake everything on love.”

“Destructive and immoral force.”

“Wrong has been done.”

“Anne Boleyn got her crown.”

“Road to her ruin.”

“Something more ominious.”

“Clear evidence to 16th century minds of evil doing.”

“His wife is not a good woman.”

“Great edifice of speculation.”

“Didn't want advice from his wife.”

“Changed the very religion of England to have.”

“Court of terror.”

“The law won't help her if Henry doesn't want it too.”

“Of the devil.”

“Inverted the moral and religious universe.”

“Lurid allegations.”

“Rumours are already leaking out all over Europe.”

“His own ruin.”

“Creating serious trouble at court.”

“Court coup.”

“Hearts ache for her presnece.”

“Moments that destroys her.”

“Fall had been so sudden.”

“Terrible injustice.”

“Very ruthless indeed.”

“Anne doesn't come out of this alive.”

“Lost her marriage.”

“Very, very dramatic fall.”

“Her soul's damnation.”

“Very serious act.”

“Risen from obscurity to become a queen.”

“Changed the course of British history forever.”

“One of history's most remarkable women.”

“Mystery of Anne Boleyn's fall.”

“Judicial men.”

“Victim of a husband who decides to kill her.”

“Wicked behaviour.”

'The Queen & I' Quote:

“A fat man with psychotic eyes.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“How much he eventually squandered.”

“Made him England's number one villain,”

“Centre of the mother of all brawls.”

“Cultural gulf.”

“Running fight on the pitch involving fans and opposition players.”

“Resistant to external oversight.”

“Acknowledge any personal responsibility or show compassion.”

“Parental vacancy.”

“Career also exemplified much that was wrong with Hollywood's gender politics.”

“Cast as the creaky spirit of a bygone age.”

“Playing a relic.”

“Field edges and disturbed ground.”

“Feral pigrons.”

“Obsolete institution.”

“Created a morale problem.”

“Must be careful not to set moral standards that can only be flunked.”

“Righterous yesteryear.”

“Instant, cold judgment.”

“Vulnerability critera.”

“Vicious and calculating manner.”

“Unending tabloid headline.”

“Revered with cult-like status.”

“Disputed to this day.”

'Good Morning Europe' Quote:

“Deep digging projects.”

'The Irish Times It's Christmas' Quotes:

“See the world as one big germ-pit.”

“Too much nostalgia surrounding the christmas meal staples.”

“Decline of physical media.”

“The average punter has moved ever further away from things you can put on shelves.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Deep emotional problems.”

'Sins & Secrets' Quotes:

“Millionaries mowing the lawn of the billionaries.”

“What it means to be working class.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quotes:

“This house ain't yours no more.”

“You are not real welcome around here!”

'White Trash Warlock' Quotes:

“Bog iron.”

“The Saurians were supposedly extinct. The elves had wiped them out in the christmas war of 1983.”

“What's left Adam to?”

“A spirit that should not be let in.”

#Smallville from Something New, Darling

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