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Movie Reviews: Model Murders + Don't Listen

Model Murders (2019)

A true story of a model who must escape a photographer. A model can't get work in this gaudy dreck that has no limitless potential. She gets plenty of grief from him. Veggies are chopped in intense fashion after she heads off to meet a photographer. The baddie photographer is played by a poor man's Sebastian Stan. There is no mesmerising skill.

There is trickery but no chaos or beauty. Nobody is profoundly decent and this was not a diversion. He's a nutjob and she ends up wailing despairingly. He's in vigil mode. There is no fervour and no moment of reckoning. No skill or creativity went into this. He shows his darker side and there is bad acting. This was not dynamic or exciting. He makes her cam.

This was deeply flawed and not enchanting. This causes utter frustration and it is not credible and it means little. Her plight bores. She's helpless to a venal corrupt man. There are tiresome rants and he's ill-intentioned and deliberately misleads. Her make up and hair are always perfect for someone being held prisoner and made to cam.

This blatantly fails and he is a complete meance. This was ridiculous. This is increasingly irrelevant. He causes pain and distress. This was truly awful. This causes etenral disinterest. This was improbable with no nunace. This fails to engage. This was facile. He ends up with an eyepatch and this repeatedly fails.

Best Lines:

“I rescued you when no one else would.”

“All this I do, I do for you.”

“Book retail ads in the sunday paper.”

“Power in the photos I take.”

“There will be consequences.”

“Scrample the IP address every hour.”

“This is what I do.”

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Don't Listen (2020)

This dubbed Spanish horror sees people behave in conistently foolish ways. A boy is in peril from perpetrators of evil. A father is aggravated and wants to fix a ruined old house. This was not productive. The kid is creepy. This was dismal. There is an obviously fake fly and this was hopeless and tests patience.

One views this with incredulousness. People do jaw droppingly foolish things. The terrible parents are terrible with no human consequences. Dad has unreliability and combustion and ferocity and the mother is useless. There is no risk.

One distains this. There are hazards and there are inevitbale sadness and bad decisions. There is no outpouring of adoration for this. There is an obvious doll when someone in found dead in the filthy swimming pool. This was an absurd, abysmal failure. Why is there carpet in the bathroom? This was arcane and there is insensitive dismissal. There is no decency or moderation or awareness and this was not unsettling and there is no dangeorus adversary. The father is vile.

There are miserbale circumstances and this was unpalatable and the house was once a courthouse of the inquisition. The family face possible consequences. The 'twist' is obvious.

Best Line:

“Is it true that poppa hates me?”

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