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Book Reviews: Royal Witches

Royal Witches: From Joan Of Narvarre To Elizabeth Woodville by Gemma Hollman

This historical biography explores how 4 women who married into the English royal family – Joan Of Narvarre, Eleanor Cobham, Jacquetta of Luxemborg and Elizabeth Woodville – were accused of witchcraft. Joan escaped the charges, Eleanor did not, Jacquetta was vindicated but Elizabeth has been damned by history as a grapsing ill chosen royal consort. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Her place of burial has been lost to history,”

“Their entire fates would be changed because of her.”

“To plead his innocence from any nefarious deeds-”

“Men of very great valour.”

“Might be beautiful and good.”

“Not without credence.”

“Warwick the kingmaker finally had a daughter as queen, although he had not lived to see it.”

“Did not want to see Richard on the throne.”

“Grasping social climbers.”

“Social upstarts.”

“A mistress who got so caught up in her haughtiness and self-adoration that she grasped for the crown but failed spectacularly.”

“Evil legacy.”

“Whose lives some 600 years ago we can touch through surviving documents.”

“Murmurs against the king at all levels of society.”

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