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Stargate Universe Ep 9 Review


While exploring the Destiny the crew find a device that carries the promise of a way home. Also Young does something that will have a banquet of consequences and I fear a harsh supper is to come.

Telford is being a bastard as he obsesses over body swapping with people on Destiny, to the extent that people are noticing but not doing anything to stop it. Even worse, he’s poisoning Young’s wife against him for his own nefarious ends. Why do Young and Telford hate each other so much?

Rush obsesses over the Ancient database and lies. He has somehow formed the scientists into his own toadying faction. Scott and Wray visit Earth. Scott learns he has a son and Wray visits her girlfriend Sharon.

There seem to be hints that use of the stones has side effects. But when Young finds out Telford’s up to something he somewhat unwisely beats the tar out of Telford. This was very good. But questions are raised: where did the crew get their exercise gear? Where did they get the beds with satin sheets? Why is Young’s wife such a twist? Why wasn’t Scott more freaked out by having Telford’s memories? What is Rush’s agenda? Has Telford no peripheral vision? He didn't see Young's fist coming at his face.

Best Lines:
“Always you on the stones. Don’t you let anyone else take a turn?”

“You pathetic piece of scum!”
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