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The Crown 4x07 + Charmed 2x01 + Reign 1x01 + Spooks 7x01 + At Mother's Request (1987) part 2

The Hereditary Principle

The royals have callous disregard and are hilariously hateable. Diana is plagued by dissatisfaction and is ignored. The royals do calculated co-ordinated ignoring of her. The royals expect slobbering sycophancy. Margaret learns a whole bunch of her Bowes-Lyon cousins are locked up for being 'loonies' and does nothing about it, not even a visit.

There are historical misdeeds. Diana has nothing by way of support. There are no noble instincts. The royals are not deserving of affection. Diana's profound sadness is ignored. This is a damning assessment of the royals. Margaret has a toyboy. People ignore this and how Charles is implacably opposed to his wife.

It is irrefutable how awful and unhesitatingly terrible the Windsors are. Tom Burke plays the toyboy. Choices made early in life are adhered to. The queen sees the crown as her defining success in life.

The Windsors have moral weakness and are absolutely immoral. The queen has fanatical unwillingness to admit error or show empathy. Charles' hugely aggressive behaviour to his wife and obvious cheating are ignored. Margaret coughs up blood and the Windsors are curse blighted. This may not have quite the poignancy it wants us to see in it.

The Windsors deserve their dismal public reputation. Why is Charles emotionally welded to Camilla? He needs constant adulation. Appalling events were hidden. It is Edward's birthday. Which brings unimaginable sorrow for Margaret. Diana's ascension to the royal family was doomed. The Windsors have made morally wrong choices in their life. This was comically inept. Margaret sucks on an oxygen mask and won't give up smoking and drinking. There is a looming inevitability of doom.

The royals want Diana to bend. Margaret needs a sense of meaning and so wears garish prints. People search for validation surrounded by tensions, secrets and dysfunction. People talk about the regency act. Margaret has to give up her state role to Edward of all people. Margaret has no interests, friends or charities. The queen won't help her. The queen wears a silly hat. Margaret's children aren't seen or mentioned. Diana's pregnant with Harry. Charles whines about it as he is a rancid little turd.

Margaret learns of the mentally defective cousins who have been locked up for years and would be locked up for years more. Deceitful types lurk. How many afflicted cousins did the royals have? Margaret says not everything can be blamed on the abdication. There is over acting and where is Charles Spencer or Raine Spencer or Diana's sisters or Barbara Cartland?

Idiocy was a diagnoised condition back then. The queen mother was worried people might question the integrity of the bloodline. There are mentions of the Windsor 'loonies'. Margaret is selfish and even her shrink calls her ma'am. Margaret's toyboy became a priest and she screams.

Best Lines:

“Men I loved would simply leave me for other women.”

“Never the right man for you.”

“My position as a rule.”

“Hasn't made things worse.”

“We all know about that.”

“The day stretches before me like a great yawning void.”

“Brought Lurch.”

“He ranks higher than you.”

“Don't take that away from me, it's all I've got!”

“Immature useless boy!”

“Time it scares me, it fills me with dread!”

“Nobody wants this!”

“That I, an HRH.”

“What grandiosity.”

“Your perfidious uncle.”

“Darwin had nothing on you lot! Shame on all of you!”

“If you don't fit.”

“Hidden away or worse; declared dead!”

“Wicked and cold hearted.”

“Wife of a King Emperor.”

“What were you brought up to believe?”

“Did you just call me common and old?”

“What sisters?”

“Both died long ago.”

“You're not praying are you?”

“Pictures of the whole family which they know is their family.”

“Locked up and neglected.”

“Daughters of your favourite brother!”

“Minor Scottish aristocrats.”

“Discovered terrible things about your family.”

“Is my happiness.”

“Be a national scandal.”

“Paid a terrible price.”

“One family alone has the automatic claim to the throne.”

“Family disease.”

“Side with your husband as your marriage falls apart.”

“Final insult.”

“Am I destined to be mad?”

“What my family did was unforgiveable.”

“Found a faith.”

“Demands complete submission.”

“Now go.”

Safe Space

Harry is CAKED in fake tan. TPTB have done the source already. The sisters bore. An assassin who looks like the Dark Archer from 'Arrow' shows up throwing chakrams at the witches. There are no ugly clothes, stunt cast male guest stars, babies, cheesy songs or slumming Getty heirs in this reboot. The assassin/demon/Harry lookalike burns the Book Of Shadows and a portal opens.

This is worse than 'Grimm'. The assassin/demon/Harry lookalike wields a corssbow – is he a darklighter? He is an existential threat. The sisters end up in hiding. Diddn't the original do that in season 8? One shows distain for this. The sisters have self importance and grandeur and are designing grasping jerks.

This was damnable. There are evil mice and demon spit and talk of a war and wouldn't people wonder where the sisters vanished to? Devastating events are shrugged off. The sisters have no auras or powers. The whitelighters have been wiped out. This show has been extremely re-tooled. How are they at a bar? They're in Seattle. Did the first aid kit ever get returned? The house went with them. Nobody noticed a missing house?!?!? The 'twist' is WTF? There is contemptible behaviour.

Best Lines:

“Portal in a closet.”

“Forgive me for having a birthday.”


“A language we don't understand and can't translate.”

“Yelp you so hard.”

“Yelp this!”

“Big ass cleaver.”

“Direst situations.”

“Witch-ness protection.”


I rewatched this. The pilot was filmed in Ireland. Was Bash the Tommy Merlyn of this show? Nostradamus broods and mumbles. It is claimed Mary grew up in a convent from age 9. She grew up at the French court from age 5. Bash never existed. He's hot with intense green eyes. Wasn't Mary Tudor on the throne of England at this point? Mary's accent is odd. Dauphin Francis is a prat.

This was inherently wrong. For a queen, Mary does not do much reigning.Bash's mistress mother lurks. The castle and interior look different than they do in the rest of the show. The castle was a 15th century castle turned hotel.

Bash and his mother have secrets and whisper about blood in the woods. Mary had a disastrous impact on France and Scotland. Francis has dissatisfaction with how his parents have been conducting themselves. Francis' sister Elizabeth is played by a different actress than she was when she returned.

Mary was a significant detriment. There is anticipatory behaviour. This was not a good simulacrim of France. The ladies in waiting have stupid modern names. Francis is someone whose charm slides easily into sleaze and menace. The ladies in waiting have unbrushed hair and no manners. There is impropriety on a staircase. Catherine has no tolerance of uncertainty.

There's already a conspiracy against Mary. There are not so many servants in later eps. Bash's mistress mother does not look 15 years older than the king. This was not a timeless narrative. This show had considerable criticism. It is full of cliches. Bash is the king's bastard son, he didn't exist! Francis looks like he needs a good wash. He's cold to Mary. Francis would die, eventually. Mary had lengthy adversarial life. Things are desperate and disastrous.

Francis is a profund disappointment to Mary. This was ludicrous. Mary had a dramatic decline in fortune in later life. Francis' interest in skills vanished in later eps. What about Francis' other brothers? Mary wears a a sleeveless dress and has no chaperones. Nobody cares about the precarious demographic of the poors.

There is no meaningful engagement. Francis shags some random. This was not fascinating. This show would invariably culminate in Mary's death. There is deliberate silencing of Mary. She has an Irish wolfhound which wouldn't be seen after this ep. The nearby lake also vanished. Francis yells about a non existant page. Francis has false promise and Catherine has steely determination to rid herself of Mary.

Francis is a failed fiancee and a prince charmless. He is vigorously opposes Mary. Bash being a secret pagan was forgotten as was his and Mary's bond. Mary and Bash flirt. Why is Mary wearing a necklace in her hair? There are curious melanges of clothes. What's in the woods? There is a very modern looking bathtub. There is relentless scrutiny of Mary. Lola has a boyfriend. Mary faces lethal disruption. This was a debacle. Bash apparently has a terrible reputation with women. Say wha?

Catherine is remorseless. Mary is bafflingly ill-advised. As she was in real life. Where are her Guise family? There is a secret passage and agendas. Elizabeth wears white at her wedding. People are aggrieved. Mary has a doomed lady in waiting who everyone forgot. There is terrible music. There is a lack of support and sympathy for Mary who is not taken seriously by her husband to be.

Court is daunting and she is potentially ridiculed. This was potentially convoluted. People have a direct intention to cause distress. People watch Elizabeth's marriage consumation. She wears modern looking underwear. This was not meaningful. This was not pleasing. Francis is always aggrieved about something. There is revisionism. Mary acted disdainfully and disastrously in reality. This leaves you weary. This show threw away all promise.

Mary is not revered. This was inadequate. There is no sense of responsibility. There are ill intentions. Mary would be notorious. There are interdecine feuds and ideological differences. Francis is not meditative or benevolent. Francis is volatile and does not want to marry Mary. Lola's forgotten boyfriend tries to attack Mary and gets his head chopped off. Mary is forwarned about gossip, it would destroy her in the end.

Mary's assault plot is icky. Lola's rant was forgotten. The acting is bad. This does not give you a fundamental re-consideration of Mary. Things negatively impact Mary. Nobody is very decent. There are serious failings and violent incidents and this was not striking. Nobody has genuine concern. This absolutely fails and Francis and Mary have no unity or common purpose in this unnecesary show.

Best Lines:

“Protestant throne of England.”

“Feeding at our trough.”

“What is a wife's value?”

“We're over-run by Scots.”

“Alliances can shift.”

“Sit next to the pope's cousin, he has no teeth.”

“What a rise your people have made.”

“Moody arrogant arse.”

“Kings do not answer to their wives!”

“Love is irrelevant to people like us.”

“I was riding?”

“Really? Who?”

New Allegiances

There is incoherence and flashbacks and Lucas North debuts. There are fake Russki accents. Lucas spent 8 years in a Russian jail. Remberance Sunday is in peril from nutters. Lucas takes his shirt off to show off his Russian prison tattoos. There's a Tom mention. The UK have no trust. Lucas speaks Russian. Ros bores. Adam dies. This is utterly unsubtle. Lucas fights a woman in public and sticks his fingers into her mouth to stop her using a suicide pill and nobody notices. The car bomb on Remberance sunday is shrugged off. This was mediocrity. Adam's son is recalled.

Best Lines:

“You don't do it, you don't belong.”

“Refuse to trust our intentions.”

“Bears a terrible responsibility.”


“When is it not?”

“Attack site.”

At Mother's Request (1987) part 2

The daughter tantrums as the police show up. She tries to throw herself out a window and her toddler daughter has to haul her back in! The case goes to trial. A disturbing tape of the mother emotionally abusing her 6 year old is played to peoples horror. She abused a son into killing her rich father. She's convicted and hauled off to jail. The dead man's wife supports her crazy daughter. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Don't cry!”

“You belong in a zoo!”

“Never go to pretty girls parties...never go to pretty girls schools!”

“Born thief...maniac for destruction!”

“Cultural community.”

Lucas North: 'Know Thyself' To Stay Alive | the armitage effect

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