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Quotes & Stuff

What is a dryrobe?

I won't review 'Harlots' 3x07.

My ex did deception.

'Corporate' wasn't amazing in any way whatsoever.

BBC showing a 'Doctor Who' at Christmas with John Barrowman and a 'Goes Wrong Show Nativity' special.

Honi seit qui maly pense.

'Sky News' Quote:

“Season to be jolly cheerful.”

'The Crown' Quotes:

“Wretchedly unhappy.”

“Resents the attention I get.”

“Rather desperate hug.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Have no further reasonable claim.”

“Seem to view inheritance as a right: it's not.”

“Brings fear, dread and danger.”

“Fear waiting for the next outburst.”

“Scare tactics and blame,”

“Blamed every step along the way,”

“Person you want punished.”

“The moment we withdraw our need for the powerful person to change or acknowledge us, their influence ebbs away.”

“Decommissioned forever.”

“Perpetrator denial and perpertrator victim.”

“Excluded from German life.”

“Blame-orientated response.”

“Unwilling to unlock their cell doors for safety reasons.”

'Royal Witches' Quotes:

“They led to the downfall of the men they were connected to.”

“Manipulate the king to their will,”

“Four different kings of England between 1483 and 1485.”

“Incredibly difficult to disprove.”

“Allegiances could change overnight.”

“Plotted and schemed for the death and destruction of our said lord the king in the most evil and terrible manner imaginable.”

'TVNow' Quote:

“Failure to win public approval.”

'How To Get Away With Murder' Quotes:

“Entitled crazy person.”

“Get vulnerable broken people into your clutches and you devour them.”

'America's Sex Traffic Cops' Quotes:

“Some scary ass bus station.”

“Have my thoughts and opinions considered.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Bad kids.”

“Take his hope away.”

“You have no hope.”

“Found in a Bournemouth crackhouse.”

“Not urgent enough.”

Saw a documentary about 'The Mystery Of DB Cooper' (2020). Was it a perfect crime or a perfect folly? Whoever DB Cooper was he became a folk hero. The FBI somehow screwed up DB Cooper's cigarette butts and fingerprints. Years later a kid found $3000 worth of the DB Cooper ransom money. Various suspects are trotted out. Are any of the them the unsolved hijacker? Is an old woman being taken advantage of by a con? A retired FBI guy wears hotpants. Who was/is DB Cooper? This was good.

Best Lines:

“On a 727, there's no place to run.”

“Is is possible DB Cooper lived?”

“Digging in something.”

“You look like the dead girl on 'Twin Peaks'.”

“Open the air stairs.”

“Pressure bump.”

“More than I care to remember.”

“Not be looking for a body at this point.”

“He didn't make it out alive.”

“Lived off the grid for 10 years.”

“Decline an on camera interview.”

“Put a harsh light.”

“Lost the money on the way down.”

“DB Cooper shaped hole in their lives.”


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