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Movie Review: Hillbilly Elegy (2020)

Amy Adams and Glenn Close ruin J.D. Vance's memoir. There are flashbacks, flashforwards and scenes set in 1997 Kentucky as Vance voiceovers his hillbilly upbringing. There is a turtle and talk of hollers and this was so disappointingly camp. It causes a growing sense of frustration. Adding to Vance's misery is his junkie abusive mother. He's have a brilliant future not them. This was onerous. Vance grew up in a once prospserous town.

This is a Ron Howard film. Vance would go to Yale law school. His mom was a terrible junkie who graduated from stealing pain pills as a nurse to doing heroin. Amy Adams rants and wears a bad wig and overacts. Why should Vance risk his future for his moron mother?

The mother enjoyed inflicitng financial, psychological and personal harm. This was deeply unconvincing. The mother is useless with blinkered delusions. Leave her to her drugs. There is a toxic combination of drugs and abuse in this family. This was crude and full of misery. This keeps the angst in check. Difficulties are exploited. The mother is a domestic abuser and so was her father. There are frayed relations. Vance should have done a clear repudiation of his kin. This film was a serious and egregious error.

This film was absolute hell. The family have literally no skills apart from screaming, abuse and fighting. Why do people pander to the mother's needs? She causes major destruction and steals drugs losing her nursing career as a result. She resents her children. There is a fake slap and the mother has a sense of victimisation and keeps everyone connected to her. She bends everyone to her will.

Will Vance just abandon her and her self-centred behaviour? Vance has a negative legacy. The mother is selfish, manipulative, cruel, uncaring and incapable of empathy. Police get involved with this family a lot. There are regular highly emotive disputes namely fist fights on the street. The mother is overtaken by resentment and creates great suffering, discomfort and hopelessness. They give enormous power to their mother to enforce such influence.

The narcissistic anti social mother is foul and violent. Beardy men lurk. There are recurring issues and emotional and physical abuse in an acrimoniously broken family. The mother just likes behaving badly. There is societal impact and the mother is disgusting. There is no reasonableness. There are lingering resentments.

This film is a damning indictment of la la land and this was not constructive or exemplary. This film is superfluous and ought not to have been made. There are horrible wrongs and a violence potential. They don't see themselves as victims. There is complacency and a where are they now montage.

Best Lines:

“Scorn our beliefs.”

“What became of us.”

“Whatever better life my grandparents had been chasing...they never caught it.”

“Dream of something better.”

“Road from here to there.”

“Don't know how to use forks.”

“Dinner interview thing.”

“Same old funneral bullsh*t!”

“I tried! Plenty!”

“War in that house.”

“You let her get away with this every time!”

“Got loser friends.”



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