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Discovery 3x06+The Twilight Zone 2x07+Supernatural 15x09 +For Life (2020-?) 1x01+The Crown 4x05&4x06


Michael screws up, again. She keeps getting away with it. There is talk of the nefarious Emerald Chain. The ship is now the Discovery A due to upgrades which took 3 weeks. How do detached nacelles work? The retrofit and retraining did not include new uniforms. The Burn was society halting. Michael has incredible irresponsbility and lack of insight.

Who reshaped the universe to some unknown purpose? The crew have new combadges that double as holopads and tricorders and communicators and personal transporters. Nobody fixed Detmer's face. Who is fish guy? Book and his cat look for help. There are no complex and clevery interwoven motives. Bajorans are mentioned. What are black boxes? Everything is the gravest crisis to Michael.

Why does Michael think solving the Burn will fix anything? Michael and the Emperor disobey Saru and head off on an unsanctioned mission. Michael is highly aggrieved. There is programmbale matter. Michael's forgotten the whole raised by Vulcans stuff. Is the cat okay? Michael has tons of eyeshadow on.

Michael had her own ship. Where is it? The Emperor has visions, was the Terran Empire logo in it? There is a Tyler mention. Where is he? A ship graveyard is seen. An Orion lurks. Did TPTB forget that females secretly run their society? Grudge the cat is left in Tilly's room. He's enormous. Does Grudge have a litter tray or food?

The galaxy is bitterly divided. There is a mention of self sealing stembolts. The Emperor is an instigator. This was very boring. An Andorian is sad. Book is in trouble. A head blows off. Adira talks to Paul. What is nano gel? What is a quantum transdeucer? The universe might as well be the mirror universe now. This was very boring. There is no resurgent UFP, yet. Tilly is not blowing out her hair anymore. Saru and Tilly are annoyed.

The black box is a stick. Vance is annoyed. An Orion holds a weapon gangsta style. Book gets his Joe Hill on. There are no moments of levity. Since when were Andorians and Orions affiliated? There are no social bonds. The Andorian nearly dies. Michael and her impropriety – she has learned nothing. There is high conflict and considerable opposition. Michael is no longer XO. Her sitch is not enviable. Michael is not unassailable.

What became of the DTI? Why is the Emperor diminshed? The Emperor has frequent failures. The Emperor and MU Lorca have no conception of asking for help. Was the real Lorca left stranded in the MU? Hugh and Paul are together again? Adira is 16. Starfleet pjs are worn. Vance is angry with Michael and she has veneers. Is Michael ever going to look up Spock or Pike? Or Sarek? Or Amanda? Not mesmerizing. Nobody else ever discovered the mycelium network?

Best Lines:

“Federation cannot stablise.”

“Not be convinced by a cat.”

“How vulnerable the Federation has become.”

“Pre-Burn technology.”

“Deepest regions of the galaxy?”

“Federation's distortion field.”

“The Burn had a point of origin.”

“Rather regret something I did than something I didn't.”

“Cat loving friend.”

“Blob whisperer.”

“Meat sack.”

“They crumble like a cookie when they meet a bigger one.”

“You made a choice and now because of that: you don't have one.”

“All that we have endured together.”

“Against my direct orders.”

“Now he's a pariah.”

“People began to listen.”

“Idiot's nose.”

“Work for us. Forever.”

“Half of those parts didn't exist exist in that era.”

“I'm sorry. I have to do this.”

“They think I wanna be this guy.”

“Crazy kids and their chaos.”

“How many weapons can you build from this?”

“They'll come through.”

“Nothing to ask for.”

“This isn't the Terran universe.”

“Loves someone who died.”

“Need to rely on your judgment.”

“Determine the consequences.”

“Clear in your ambivalence.”

“Things as they were.”

A Human Face

Christopher Meloni stars in this bad ep where a grieving couple are visited by a whiny, boring space alien. He nags and she is unbothered by the alien's use of the word conquest. There is no palpable reality or consistent narrative or nunanced understanding. This was banal and horrible and absolutely ludicrous.

The Trap

Chuck (aka the guy from 'Threhold') is bad. I've no idea what is going on. Jim Beaver and Rob Benedict and Kim Rhodes guest star. Will Castiel go away? There is talk of Eileen (who?), a Leviathan Blossom (what?) and Benny (died offscreen). What is going on and why is it going on?

What became of the 'Wayward Sisters' lot? Chuck gives Sam and his bad hair some visions. Castiel has aged. There is CW level acting. Sam's stupid and this was dispiriting and entirely dreadful unlovely entertainment. This was not genre defining. There are no clear issues of motive or morality. There is no moral reckoning. There is no atmosphere of dread.

Where did the scares, dark palate and music go? This show irrevovably changed and became grossly insufficient after season 3. Castiel was the shark jumping moment. Sam has a new gal pal. Sam is not conciliatory and is scared of making the wrong choice. What became of the car, motels, dive bars and blue collar Americana? So much for Sam's law degree. TPTB establish the inevitability of Dean's death.

Best Lines:

“Come on Eileen!”

“Stop being so stupid!”

“So many more.”

“What we do, it's not even hunting anymore! It's whack a mole!”

“We're outnumbered.”

“What else is new?”

“Crappy ending.”

“Dark forces prevail.”


A true story of a convict lawyer and his polemical forays to free others and himself from the pokey. Subtlety is missing. His wife is cheating and his daughter is pregnant and the DA is evil. This was a yawn full of social rot. It was not dogged, earnest or dependable.

Best Lines:

“Couldn't pass the morality test.”

“Banging your best friend's wife!”


There is 1980s vintage footage. This is the infamous intruder story. Fagan broke into the queen's bedroom and people learnt she and Philip did not share a bedroom. Fagan lives in a grim flat and is the wrong social stratum and he's deeply dissatisfied. He ended up becoming a heroin dealer after all this. He's as rough as a robber's dog. This was spectacularly bad.

Fagan goes to the job centre. There is smoking and drinking and mumbling and drinking and lapses of judgment. His ex is evil and he can't see his kids. He fights his ex's new man in the pub and in a school playground like a sub par 'Eastenders' loser. There are regrettable mistakes and the Falklands war goes on and is won off screen.

The queen doesn't listen to Thatcher's warnings about security and is a dumb bint. She puts on gloves. Fagan has no hope. There is a royal garden party. There are catastrophic consequences for Fagan's future. Fagan bleats and this was not very interesting. Fagan fails to comply. Fagan is into relaxed tailoring and he has no care, seriousness or dignity.

This was incompetence. Fagan climbs into Buck palace – a staggering lack of security. In fact he broke in TWICE! This does not create expectations. The queen is a shrill idiot. The queen calls Buck palace a prison – it's just tacky with interior decor Trump would find tacky. Fagan's fights with his ex's new man makes him lose access to his children.

This was lacklustre. Fagan gets into the queen's bedroom and talks bad about Thatcher. This could have had grave consequences. There is grim news and anger inside him. Things are declasse in Buck palace as Fagan points out. The royals are corruption incarnate. There is no ritzy lifestyle for them. There are no cultural moments. Fagan makes a big spectacle of himself. The queen is ungracious. Fagan unleashes a wave of criticism. This was incredible irresponsibility and a horrible message. There was empty talk and theatrics. This was a false narrative. There is a Falklands victory parade and a corgi. Fagan is disgruntled and inflammatory. There are no moral principles.

Best Lines:

“What did they talk about?”

“Whatever you have I will take.”

“Peacefully in the street as is your right.”

“Years of incompetence.”

“Criminal and a fascist.”

“I meet normal people all the time!”

“Valued at 6 pounds.”

“I remember that vase: ghastly little pink thing.”

“Strange looking duck.”

“The national bird.”

“Let every nation know.”

“I care very deeply indeed!”

“Filthy habit.”

“I'm just poor.”

“What state?”

“Risk of ruin.”

“Subjected to troublemakers and malcontents.”

“Nice secure mental hospital.”

“Clearly a lunatic!”

Terra Nullius

Charles is not liked. He is a hunching old man. A royal visit to oz is a terrible situation for Diana. She's afraid on multiple levels. This was contrived and not gritty. Oz wants rid of the royals. The oz PM has a beer drinking record. There is chatter about Charles and Diana and her eating disorder. Diana is patronised by the state and Charles' vile staff.

The queen is a bad mother. Diana has no emotional function. Camilla lurks and William has been born. The social media stasi dislike Charles and Camilla. Charles is guilty of emotional violence and savagery – all deliberately inflicted. Diana faced years of torment and mistreatment and Charles has pure self interest. He is jealous of his wife. Charles' drooling lackey is rude to Diana. Charles and his lackeys are hopelessly rotten and Diana is seen as burdensome.

This was weary. Charles is socially deviant. Everything is awful. Diana once had hope, now she's angry and embittered. There is regret and the fading of dreams. Charles is infuriating and calls his wife: pathetic, weak and fragile as he has phone sex with Camilla. We see images of them at Charles and Diana's house where Camilla plays lady of the manor. The whole house was designed to please Camilla.

Charles doesn't rush to Diana's defence. A worrying portent. Diana tries to reach out to him but his jealous behaviour undoes it. Charles shuns Diana as she attracts his disapproval. This was not very well thought through. Charles is uncalm. Charles is widely reviled. This was unremarkable. There is a growing rift. Charles whined about being uncared for and unthanked and overlooked. Diana wants to be heard. Charles is socially divisive.

Diana's deeply hurt and Camilla has an unhealthy grip on Charles. This was under-achieving. Diana's individualism is anathema to Charles. The marriage is difficult and challenging. Charles is not known for his tact, he is stupid. This was drabness. Charles brooded opressively and neurotically with unvarying montony and cold, unrelenting cruelty. Charles is detrimental to Diana.

Diana vomits nosily and often. Charles doesn't utter a single pleasant or kind word. He's perpetually wet and useless. Thatcher didn't even like her own daughter. Charles doesn't like his own wife. Charles has hoplessness and is wretched and toe-curling. This was not jolly noble and where are Margaret's children?

Best Lines:

“Greatest act of service.”

“Smiling doll.”

“Left them at home for 5 months.”

“No baby. No me.”

“A sheep station.”

“Trying my hardest to please you.”

“Mother crown.”

“Jugearred bonehead.”

“Years in the planning.”

“Horrified by what I learnt.”

“I'm not going to say her name.”

“Patronise and ignore me!

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