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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Star Trek Discovery' 3x07 promo

Romulans! There is a combined Romulan raptor/Vulcan IDIC badge!

Best Line:

“Save all sentient life in the universe.”

'Charmed' season 2 promo

Is this axed yet?

'The Spanish Princess' 2x08 promo

Is that Maggie Pole? Catherine is the least interesting character on screen.

'Arrow' season 1 trailer

So much potential. Wasted.

'Black Lighting' cancelled.

'Power Rangers: Time Force' was bad.

I want a chocolate christmas tree. I want a Bulgari Barocko, white-gold, paraiba tourmaline, onyx and diamond Exotic Love earrings and necklace.

There is avocado oil?

I'd try parmesan custard and hazelnut pesto.

What are kangaroo rats? What's a hydrozoan?

Who was 'Existenz'?

I thought my ex had emotional allegiance.

I miss orange Vicounts.

'Sky News' Quotes:

“If and when they come.”

“Shame! Shame! Shame!”

“The despair here is unbearbale.”

“Robbed of everything they care about.”

“History has a habit of repeating itself.”

“Meet only men.”

“His friends. Not anymore.”

“Fled en masse.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Building and sustaining of myths about key individuals.”

“A defining but not a final tragedy.”

“Societal consent.”

“Covid delinquents.”

“Accusing them of selfishness.”

“Lifelong behavioural consequences.”

“Multiple allegiances.”

“Maintain to this day.”

“Leaving a vacancy for most hated woman in tabloid Britian.”

“He says with a sigh.”

“Scooterist's ancient enemy: the bus.”

“Among the family's most famous and beloved pets.”

“Changed her fate:”

“Scions of wealthy families.”

“I do all my best thinking with my top off?”


“Street trees.”

“Worm juice.”

“Financial oblivion.”

“Film that nobody much liked and nobody went to see.”

“Financial embarassment.”

“Another useless film from somebody else's adolescence has been declared a classic.”

“Gained undeserved protected status in the decades after release.”

“Behave as if the events were perfectly reasonable.”

“Sign of discord.”

“Admired leadership.”

“Greeted with jubilation.”

“Deterred by condemnation.”

“Charged with producing a butterknife in a manner likely to intimidate another.”

'What We Were Watching' Quote:

“Spanish twirls.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“A dark house. A husband with a gun. A wife dead on the floor.”

“Nothing accidental about what he did.”

“The marriage she'd waited so long for.”

“Nordic he-man.”

“Old school board games.”

“Tennis friends.”

“All marriages have problems, very few end this badly.”

“Pleased almost no one.”

'The Stone Dogs' Quote:

“Suddenly the stars were very cold; reptile eyes, staring down with ageless hunger.”

'Celebrity Damage Control' Quote:

“Infamous overnight.”

'Royal History's Biggest Fibs' Quotes:

“Just another bread riot.”

“The unknown future became very real.”

“With incredible swiftness, the Tsar's regime falls.”

“Diplomatic betrayal.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“T-shirts so large they could house a small meth lab.”

“Displaced grief.”

“Figuring that in German leader, an aversion to political demagoguery was probably a healthy thing.”

“To demand the silence of a writer at a supposed bastion of the liberal press is breathtaking.”

“Often deplorable man's words and deeds.”

“Lawful interactions.”

“Little in the way of savings.”

“Settle for what they can get.”

“Death by thermal shock.”

“Pouted liquid chalk into the void left.”

“Wider public never warned to him.”

“Deep sense of ideological purpose.”

“Describing him publicly as an outcast.”

“Mad famous.”

“Unforgiven by definition. Vows have been broken for me even to exist.”

“Someone who passionately believes thay deserve better than you, no matter how much you give.”

“Took a nasty turn.”

“Cannot list all the ways I have been made to feel unwelcome.”

“Grubby gusset.”

“Home observation.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quote:

“Cow-fighting here too in the summer,”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“The smellies.”

“Considered boasty.”

“Biological preference.”

“Rarefied nature of the grievance.”

“Considerable US fan base.”

“What constitutes masculinity, and what it ought to look like.”

“World-conquering stadium-status superstardom.”

“Tendency to pudge.”

“Substantial artistic legacy.”

“The star snorted cocaine off his boss's desk.”

“Hoveringly supportively in the background.”

'The Irish RM' Quotes:

“Bring ruin and disgrace!”

“Sworn to all the cardianls in Rome!”

'The Trials Of Oscar Pistorius' Quotes:

“Medium of instruction.”

“International hostility.”

“Screams like a girl...bat sounds like a gun.”

“Spotlight was coming.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Driver of change.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Wanting to find out the bad things people think about them on the internet.”

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