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Movie Reviews: Tales Of The Grim Sleeper+Christmas With A View+Dead Zone+Heretics+Lynn + Lucy

Tales Of The Grim Sleeper (2014)

A Nick Broomfield documentary about the LA serial killer. A damning assessment of the man. A community has an unpleasant burden. There are unverified tales. The city was dangerous, unsettling and often grim. The underlying perception is the police screwed up. A man was a continuing and existential threat. There was a tangible sense of fear and a palpable sense of fear. This was a complex and nuanced tale. The victims were perceived in a certain way. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Re-phrase myself.”

Christmas With A View (2018)

Vivica A. Fox and Mark Ghanime of 'Helix' feature in this Christmas romance. It was sappy nonsense that was disastrous. Ghanime's acting hasn't improved. A chef finds love. There are no sensational happenings. Huge ear muffs are worn. Ghanime has huge hair and a beard. This was a gruesome business. There are ramifications and true love does not run smooth.

The chef is a jerk flirt. This was not a brilliant demonstration of film making. This was not robust. This was not diligent. This was terrible. There is no profound impact. Just dishonourable conduct. Ghanime plays the boss who is secretly a jerk full of sneering vitriol. This has ample material for deision. A cheese girl is deeply unhappy and has consternation at her conniving cheerily unthreatening boss.

Her 'romance' with the chef is a chaotic situation. This was a derisory unedifying spectacle. This was disappointing. Food is cooked. Christmas music plays. This was not glorious. This fails to impress. This was terrible. There is moral outrage. The boss is ill-mannered and there are narrative gaps.

What is Ghanime wearing? He stirs the pot. This was boredom. There is snow. There is inarticulate acting. Hugh (Ghanime) is into malevolent plotting. The plot is unbelievably mad. There is no profound realisation. This was ludicrious. There is simmering misery and the evil boss is told off. This was frustrating and grim.

Best Lines:

“I'm cheese girl.”

“Tear it down for condos!”

The Dead Zone (1983)

This is a David Croneberg film based on a Stephen King novel. Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Tom Skerritt and Collen Dewhurst star. Johnny (Walken) can see the future after an accident put him in a coma for 5 years. He learns he must stop Greg Stillson (Sheen) from becoming POTUS and causing a nuclear apocalypse. There is wild enunciation and OTT acting but no prevasive sense of dread. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“You cowardly bastard!”

“Scanning screen.”

The Dead Zone: 40 years later, Stephen King's novel is scarier than ever

The Heretics (2017)

This is a boring movie about a demon worshipping cult. There is bad acting and this was confusing.

Best Line:

“Will not hesitate to do worse to you.”

Lynn + Lucy (2019)

A mysterious small town tragedy fuels corrosive gossip. A baby dies – an emotionally charged issue. People shrug off culpability. This was bloody awful and a clown show and there are missteps. This was decidely uninspiring and there is the misery of loneliness. This was hicksplitation. The dead baby's mother acts strange. She has a dodgy boyfriend. People respond angrily and there is a narrative of blame. Things are said in a vicious way. This is without merit. There are lost certainties and lost opportunities. There are speculative accusations and things are psychologically toxic. The mother has a sullied image. This was frivolous and she does unhelpful and potentially harmsful acts. There are negative effects.

Best Lines:

“Punishing me for going out.”

“I'd watch out of I were you.”

“Bitches the lot of you!”

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