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Book Review: To Lose The Earth

Star Trek: To Lose The Earth by Kirsten Beyer

This is the last entry in the 'Voy' reboot and the last book of the novel-verse saga. Now the novel-verse saga has been rendered non-canon by 'Star Trek: Picard'. Harry Kim tries to be 'tough' and a baby is obsessed over, the Borg are mentioned and 'Breaking Dawn' is ripped off. There is endless technobabble and new characters are utterly insensate. While this re-reboot started out so well with 'Full Circle', this book is just incoherent, badly written crap. The DTI are mentioned and Janeway is wildly incompetent.

There is no palpable tension, just distrust. How did Seven get from this to where she was in 'Star Trek: Picard'???? Her and Icheb???? This isn't good, Voyager gets a new mission. Chakotay is a lapdog to Karen aka Janeway. Thanks to 'Star Trek: Picard', the 'Star Trek' novels will never be as they were. There was no mention of Seven's boyfriend in 'Star Trek: Picard'. This was frustrating and it fails miserably. There is exposition and existential threats.

Best Lines:

“A hellscape of wounded and dying people. It was an unusual occurance but not without precedent.”

“A species all of them had hoped they would never encounter again in any form.”

“Strictly enforced societal structure that had been in place for thousands of years.”

“Remain here in some eternal purgatory.”

“Face the warped version of existence I can imagine,”

“All he would never have.”

“He faced a future he didn't want,”

“The stupid Malon, and a bunch of other hostile species I can't even remember now.”

“You have suffered the torments of the damned.”

“Because her life was not dictated by her chocies. Everything about her existence, except her desire to work as a Starfleet engineer, was forced upon her by circumstances.”

“We're never going to have an opportunity like this again. We find ourselves in a unique moment in space and time. The knowledge that could be gained by such an effort makes our continued exploration of the Delta Quadrant seem rather pedestrian.”

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