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Book Reviews: Swallowing Darkness + In The Garden Of Iden

Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K Hamilton

This is the 7th entry in Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series. Merry the half fairy, mostly human ‘heroine’ is pregnant with twins. This means that she will be Queen of the Fairies. Or will she?

For a start each baby has three fathers, after all Merry can’t possibly ditch one of her many men and their ankle length hair. Then Merry’s grandmother shows up to protest her carry on, this makes Merry’s gran evil so she has to die. Via some idiot dialogue Merry calls the Wild Hunt and goes to visit the Bright Court of fairy.

After a very iffy start, the book finally picks up after Merry summons the Wild Hunt. She ends up handfasted to Sholto and her other men sulk. Her crazy cousin Cel puts her in peril, but luckily Merry has the goddess on her side.

It all comes to a happily ever after, more or less. This seemed to be the logical end to Merry’s story but no. An 8th novel ‘Divine Misdemeanours’ is out soon. Still flaws aside this is a good read with sensual magic. Merry lives in a fantastic, glittering world but maybe her tale should have ended here.

In The Garden of Iden by Kage Baker

Mendoza was rescued from the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition and granted immortality by the Company. This mysterious group of time travellers uses immortal operatives to preserve art, animals, plants and artefacts that would otherwise be lost to history. And now Mendoza will spend her endless life working for them.

Her first assignment is to Tudor England. She will pose as the daughter of a doctor pretending to be part of Prince Phillip’s entourage as he marries Queen Mary. Once in England the operatives visit Sir Walter Iden to collect samples from his garden.

Mendoza does not like her assignment, the country is cold and hostile but after meeting Iden’s servant Nicholas Harpole her opinion changes. She becomes fascinated by him and the political and religious turmoil that surrounds them. She even considers turning her back on the Company, but disaster is about to engulf them.

This is a wonderful tale of Renaissance England, love, turmoil and the price of immortality.
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