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Movie Reviews: Holmes & Watson + Antrum

Holmes & Watson (2018)

This forgotten flop is a one note mistake. The 2 leads bellow lines like men trying to make themselves heard over a nearby plane crash. This is so bad it leaves you aghast. Hugh Laurie shows up as does Ralph Fiennes. Watson's credibility, position, achievements and place in history is dismissed by Holmes.

As for Holmes, he has chauvinism. There are silly accents and this is in no way true to the canon. Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Rob Brydon and the Alan Patridge guy prance around in this bad parody that is abysmal. Mrs Hudson is a murderous comedy tart.

Holmes and Watson are morons into onion eating and falling off buildings. This was not subtle. There is shouting and the queen. This was wholly unconvincing. This was absurd with disregard for the viewer. This was resolutely stupid and dreadful. This leaves you beyond despair. This causes despondency and is crap. There are no fear reaching decisions. This was not meaningful. This was bleak and incoherent and woeful and inadequate. This was dodgy with a peripheral friendship.

Antrum (2018)

A silly fake 'banned' film about an idiot brother and sister in the woods and satan. This was utterly banal. We see demon worshippers in their underpants. Things happen, bad things.

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