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The Crown (2016-?) 4x01 + Supergirl 1x04 Reviewed

Gold Stick

There is a Trooping Of The Colour and the Irish issue and Charles Dance. Charles is a whiny bitch who dresses like a 90 year old. This wasn't fearlessy inventive. People talk about Charles getting married. The royals are baleful and conniving. There is impending disaster and dubious morality.

This was not impressively inventive. There is unwise behaviour in this frankly medicore ep. People are just watching for Diana and the thick, useless fecker she would marry. Charles is a gormless prat with no appealing idiocies. Diana shows up. The royals are an unlikeable bunch in an unlikeable world. Diana is desperately enfolded by Charles. Philip sees perceived slights everywhere.

Diana lurks dressed as a nymph. This was not heartfelt or meaningful. How ruinous her relationship with Charles the gormless prat would be. Charles is not magisterial. This didn't leave much room for nuance. Olivia Coleman, Tobias Menzies, Helena Boham Carter, Gillian Anderson and some no names star. This has yawner opening credits.

Thatcher and her fright wig lurks. It is so aging. Thatcher and Dennis and her 2 gormless children lurk. There are corgis and talk of how Thatcher won a scholarship to Oxford. Thatcher and the queen didn't get on. Philip is ghastly. The queen dresses like an old man. This was hardly subtle. The IRA rant and make violent threats.

The uneducated queen is obsessed with horse racing. Thatcher didn't help women. Thatcher is repellently individualistic. One actively feels distain for this. Thatcher irons as Dennis smokes. Philip has bitter personal animus with everyone. Balmoral is visisted for hunting, shooting and fishing.

What is with the old lady headscarves? There is a Loch. Philip wears a hideous cardi. Anne's marraige, attempted kidnapping and time in the Olympics was not shown on this show and is ignored. Philip has a sort of nuturing response for Anne. This was not a challenging masterpiece that is utterly absorbing.

Charles goes fishing in Iceland while Dickie (Dance) visits Ireland. Camilla and her vagina fascinates Charles and he is rude to Dickie. As for the doomed Dickie, he went out to catch lobster. Charles acts like an old man. The royals love hunting. The poor ship boy from Dickie's boat isn't seen but Dickie's family are. Poor birds are shot dead by Philip. Dickie's boat is blown up with him, his family and the boat boy on board. Charles bothers a fish. Dickie, the boat boy and one of Dickie's twin grandsons died – the rest were badly injured. The queen stiff upper lips.

There is a Warrenpoint mention. Dickie left 500 pages of instructions for his own funeral. Why don't the royals turn on the damn lights in their enormous palatial homes? This was not subtle. Charles has terrible posture. All the medals and braids on Charles which he didn't earn or deserve! Diana consoles Charles over Dickie's murder – seemingly the only person who did so. That makes an impression. Charles chases Diana. She works at a kindergarten and as a cleaning lady and shared a flat with friends. Charles couldn't run a whelk stall let alone be a good husband.

Best Lines:

“No thought for his duty.”

“Lovely lodge.”

“Enormous backside.”

“2 women running the shop.”

“Shopkeeper's daughter.”

“Dangeorusly self-opionated.”

“First woman prime minister.”

“Country has to change.”

“He is your husbamd.”

“Just about.”

“You know what the family thinks.”

“Affairs of the heart need to be conventional.”

“My ally in this family.”

“Marriage of your engineering.”

“Last Prince Of Wales came to grief.”

“Contemplate such ruin.”

“No past.”

“Relentless determination.”

“Little that is normal about this family.”

“I barely knew my own father.”

“He replaced me as father to you.”

“It's irrelevant what I want or think.”

“He chose you.”

“Sit on his castle on land stolen.”

“Cloying tributes paid to this so called hero.”

“The mad tree.”

“Put you off?”

“Out out?”

“Kids dads love her too.”


Alex is the worst. Cat Grant utters platitudes and fires someone. Where did Lucy Lane go???? Mrs Danvers is wretched. This ep SUCKED. Why am I rewatching this?

Best Lines:

“Where are you?”


“Rejected from the Olympics figure skating outfit she wears!”


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