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V Ep 4 Review

It’s Only The Beginning

Erica ignores Tyler so he whines and is dumb. Val has a heart problem and she’s pregnant. But is it Ryan’s? The V’s have a plan but nobody knows what it is. Marcus stands around ominously. Chad looks like a cut price Michael J Fox. Georgie is shot. Erica guesses Ryan’s secret. Joshua has to kill a friend.

Anna gets Tyler on Team V by showing him the ship’s engine room. The V’s have done something to the flu vaccine. Marcus tells Chad he is dying and that the V’s can cure him for a price. Is Chad really dying or is Marcus lying? Anna shows off what Cyrus meant by ‘connected’ as she gives all the V’s bliss via some new age babble. The only V not shown reacting was Marcus which makes you wonder. Jack is stabbed and outside the solar system an armada of ships approach.

This was dull. Maybe the 2010 eps will be better. It’s all so slow moving and dumb and boring. Erica's face never moves even if the V's pulled out her intestines through her mouth, I bet her face would still not move. Also the idiot Tyler and the Barbie turned crack ho looking Lisa both need to go.

Best Line:
“The innocent will suffer.”
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