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Trailers, Quotes & 1 Tape Tale

'Tricksters' promo


'Pieces Of A Woman' trailer

A home birth went wrong.

Cleared out 1 tape. 📼

Obedientia civium urbis felicitas.

My ex = contemptuous. My ex left me disillusioned. My ex has a stubborn refusal to say sorry. My ex and I had plans and dreams and they've all gone out the window. My ex disrupted my happiness. Did my ex feign being happy and supportive? My ex wilfully ignores me and he disregards me. My ex = intolerable.

There was a 'Batman '66/Legion Of Super Heroes' issue 2?!? I missed it!

No 'Green Arrow And The Canaries' show?

'Thatcher' Quotes:

“God save me from politicans who want to be loved!”

“Bizarre character.”

“As high as their talents will take them.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“I recognise the pepper grinder.”

“Not prepared to be the pariah.”

'South Park' Quote:

“Detached loner poor kid.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“Fearmongering lecture.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Banks wonder why they have reputation issues?”

“Recognition comes to late to stop the forces he has unleashed from reaching their awful conclusion.”

“Flaunt his own indispensability.”

“Harbinger of a new world order.”

“Jurisdiction over fish.”

“Different level of challenge.”

“Revenge will be swift and violent.”

“Public acrimony.”


“Indifferent to the will of the people.”

“People feel 'left out' and socially isolated.”

“Barely get her to leave the house.”

“Doesn't get, or doesn't want to get, what I am saying.”

“Withdrawal from social life.”

“Very restricted and lonely lives.”

“Cannot fortell the future.”

“Disruptive to attachment.”

“Violent tools of the state.”


“Decision by soundbite.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Hung out with very rough people.”

“Police are against her.”

“Taking my mom's attention all the time.”

“Dumping pit.”

“Cult in the area.”

“Bringing gang members to my home.”

“I can't count on the police to protect me.”

“Got a gun and fired it off in the backyard.”

“No one cares to listen! Nobody!”

'How To Get Away With Murder' Quotes:

“This is bad isn't it?”

“Inciting a fight in your cellblock. Only a moron commits these kind of infractions when you're up for parole.”

“Playing at law school until you can swap a rich daddy for a rich husband!”

'Murder Comes To Town' Quotes:

“I'm not going to miss her.”

“Open angry book.”

“No new lead, tip or suspect.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Illest patients.”

“Illest parts.”

“Dark water lies ahead.”

'Injustice: Year Zero' Quote:

“I'm a homicidal maniac, not a traitorous bigot.”

'TVNow' Quotes:

“Easy-listening version of Brit pop classics.”

“Pretend courtyard.”

“Served delectable food on artfully mismatched crockery.”

“Such a loser in later life?”

“Everyone is turning on her.”

'How To Build A Cathedral' Quote:

“Light of god to pour in.”

'Food Unwrapped Investigates' Quotes:

“Proved to be really distressing.”

“Eat anything new or strange.”

#damian wayne from Damian deserved better

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