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Girl On The Third Floor (2019)

CM Punk renovates a house from hell. CM Punk the MMA fighter makes his acting debut using his real name. He renovates a ruined house and has a dog and shows off his tats. He's sanctimonious and won't wear gloves and this was sluggish and it is clunkily written. This was jarring. It was incumbent on this film to be scary – it isn't.

CM Punk learns to drywall from Youtube. There is narcissistic petulance and complete disregard. Goo comes out of sockets. The husband has a past. There is an appetite for discord and ghosts or something. CM Punk has an unyielding stare. There is no melancholy. TPTB diminish the sense of threat.

The house has obvious disadvantages, namely the black goo running out of the walls. There are dangers and an empty bowling alley. Problems are obviously ignored. This was not perfectly adequate and there are unseemly disputes.

CM Punk faces a scornful reception. People are supposed to pretend the house is normal and do all this work. This was not filled with fear and dread. This was not a social delight. People wax indignant. Particularly unwise things are done.

This causes an obvious lack of interest. People are deluded. This was increasingly meaningless. People suffer the consequences of his choices. He takes his shirt off and flexes and gets in the shower. Why? A blonde lurks. The house is tetchy. There is cheating and something powerful and sinister is afoot. This was not hyper-realistic.

There are catastrophic consequences. There is disorderly house fixing. The plot is fragmented. There are frustrations and difficulties in this rotten place. There are brutal actions and real estate corruption and unloved police. This was absolute garbage and there was moral simplicity. This was stark raving mad. This was bad beyond comprehension. There is callous disregard. This was aggravating. There are violent and frightening events and serious challenges and a terrible fate. This leaves you massively frustrated. There is a fracas and this was horribly wrong. The ending is bizarre and it is entirely irrelevant.

Best Lines:


“How exactly can you afford this place?”

“Visting or lost?”

“Happily married.”

“Of course you are!”

“Bad news for straight men.”

“This is retro.”

“Heavy ass drywall.”

“I'm not creeped out by this house one bit!”

“Love is a series of choices.”

“Isn't the 70s anymore.”

Fatal Deceit (2019)

This was appalling. You won't be that interested. A woman's request for a divorce has a devastating impact. Her husband is a cheat and her daughter is whiny. There are dark practics and people behaving in a paranoid way. There is mental fragility and dead and missing people not being dead or missing. There is misbehaviour and a 'twist'. There are endless scenes of people talking. There are toxic and intimidating people. This was deplorable and people are highly irresponsible.

Best Lines:

“This is all mine! I made this family what it is.”

“Take my money and my daughter.”

“Parades around my town.”

The Rise Of Jordan Peterson (2019)

Staggering charmlessness.


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