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Star Trek Discovery 3x05 + Spooks 6x03 + Supergirl 1x01 Reviewed

Die Trying

The crew find the remnants of Starfleet and its commander: Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr). But they are not welcome. There is deluge of acrimony. Federation HQ is located. Why do they need to mask their location? New Starfleet ships are seen. I didn't see the USS Nog but I did see the Voyager J. J?!?! What is the shiny thing? There are organic and holographic ships.

Things are wilfully familiar, yet not. There is potent yearning and Discovery has no deep network of allies. Discovery faces outright, even justified suspicion. The crew face the limit of what is humanly tolerable. Michael has a chicken pox scar. There are new uniforms in the future. Kelpians are now in the UFP.

This was not uplifiting. Narratively it's a total mess, you've seen all this before. Still it is overcooked fun. There are talk of prions. The status quo is a brooding absence. The Discovery has 100,000 years of knowledge. There is an AI doctor. There are now only 38 UFP member worlds. The whole Andorian race is going extinct plot from the novel-verse is of course non-canon now. There used to be 350 member worlds of the UFP. What happened to the subspace relays? There are floating chairs and moving floors due to nano-tech. Vance is not friendly.

Discovery is listed as destroyed in 2258. There are new rank tags. Discovery has violated the Temporal Accords. The spore drive is not remembered. Why does Michael know the sick alien? Where is Book and the observer guy? There is exposition and talk of Orions. The Emperor is debriefed. Who is suit guy (David Cronenberg)? There is a seed vault ship that has samples of every plant in the galaxy.

There is a bitchy woman and an ion storm. Detmer freaks out, again. We see weird breathers. There is a future combadge that projects info. The Burn was quite the humbling experience. There have been no crossings between this reality and the mirror universe in 500 years. The former Emperor learns the Terran Empire fell.

There is a mysterious melody and a crazy person and a ship by a CME. Wouldn't the CME have destroyed the seeds? Someone leaves Discovery. How do people hug with breathers on? The person who leaves just has her uniform and that's it. How does Saru know Giotto? The doctor can use tech from 930 years in the future. What is up with the Emperor? What is with the music? This was okay. Nhan is from Barzan which was not in the UFP when she joined Starfleet, so who wrote her letter of recommendation? Barzan has since joined the UFP.

Best Lines:


“Detached nacelles? Where do they even put the warpd core?”

“A 1000 year old ship.”

“Preform triage in the corridors.”

“Our Federation family.”

“Aberrant protein coating.”

“Spent most of the 30th century.”

“All organic life in the universe would have eneded.”

“Owe you a debt beyond words.”

“May I ask why?”


“Federation that I remember.”

“All back home now.”

“My murderer and I are good now.”

“Raining Starfleet officers.”

“Throw me in the brig hologram.”

“Determining your intentions.”

“Hate us a little more.”

“A murderer in at least 2 universes.”

“Flying through a mushroom network.”

“All Terrans are duplicitous by their biology.”

“Extremely wicked, even for a Terran.”

“Misfolding proteins.”

“Serve as she is able.”

“Walk where you've been walking.”

“Share the same ethos.”

“Fossil of a ship.”

“Vulcans need to learn to stay in their lane.”

“Empire based on the maxim: because we feel like it.”

“Whoever did this must be merciless.”

“My species is known for 2 things: diligence and poverty.”

“Broke open the seed vault.”

“Star burp.”

“Ideal that saved my life.”

“Unimaginably far away.”

“Incapable of making rational decisions.”

“Living history of the Federation.”

“Cultural mitigations.”

“Sometimes there is no good choice.”

“Reach for the best in ourselves.”

“We don't have 5 year missions anymore. Explortation is a luxury we cannot afford.”

“Gave what he saw to the world.”

“Servant of the Federation.”

“Revered time.”

“Gone unnoticed for 120 years.”

“Unimaginably far away.”

“Terran Empire fell centuries ago.”

The Kidnap

Ros is in peirl. Harry faces blowback for his idiot actions. There is another aggressive and malicious campaign. This was an appalling vista. Harry's combative style is part of this geezery romp. I don't care about the demands of their lives. Harry is stalwart. Jo's face has healed. Adam is a massive jerk. Malcolm is in peril, only not. There are fake lethal toxic chemicals. Adam has an earring. This was truly awful with no cold dread.

There is babble about Yalta. This was largely uninteresting. There is no moral character, just intransigence. This was utter vacuity, that is brutally inadequate. There is fake darkness. There is no brooding introspection. There is mediocrity. There is constant complicity and this was a misery extravaganza. There are nefarious shenanigans. Is the missing agent dead? The purpose of this ep is not immediately apparent. There is a big reveal and Adam can do no wrong.

Best Lines:

“I consider your threats idle.”

“I will pursue with vengeance.”

“Men in MBC suits.”

“Terrorist among the UFOlogists.”

“The great and the little satan.”

“Porton Down bad.”

“What the plane was cargoing.”

“Human conspirators.”

“Malevolent external forces.”

“Either drunk or depressed.”

“All its disastrous consequnces.”

“America's repellent self-justification.”

“Hardly a bad thing.”

“Wringing their hands about hospital waiting lists.”

“Start to go very badly for you.”

“He's one of them.”

“Unspeakable things.”

“Bioweapons spillage.”


I rewatched this ep which told with cloying sentimentality the origin story of the idol of the nation. Kara has outlived her intent. Alex is unsurpassably awful with a manic fixation on being a thankless, bad sister. She's increasingly hostile and fractious and aggrieved until TPTB dropped that plot. James is Kara's love interest, but TPTB dropped that plot too. Alex's plane gets into trouble.

The cultural response to flying super powered god like aliens is...something else. Alex never apologised for her terrible behaviour. Was the plane save based on the Hudson River crash and on 'Superman Returns'? No one recognised Kara after the plane save? Dean Cain and Helen Slater caemo as The Danvers. Alex has visceral dislike and is dangerously selfish. This was dispiriting. This was as horrible as it was predictable.

Alex derides. Winn's behaviour and creeper implications are glosed over. This was not exceptionally important. This had BAD vfx and Alex is a traitor. This was Max Lord free.

Best Lines:

“Use the lesser card stock.”

“Preforming heroic acts.”

“Bottom of the pile forever.”

“Female flying form.”

“Who or rather what she is.”

“Plane saving lady.”

“Go get me a lettuce wrap!”

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