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Book Review: The Best Horror Of The Year, Volume Twelve, part 3

The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Twelve edited by Ellen Datlow, part 3

The Night

By Sarah Langan. Would you hire a witch as a night nurse? A harassed mother with 3 uncontrollable kids does. It all comes to a turning point of her entire life. This is okay and dark.

Best Lines:

“A collapsing industry.”

“A group of Waldorf school mothers sitting in a circle, knitting boiled wool dolls and talking about their menstrual cycles.”

“Children conspired against her.”

“It's nice sometimes, just to be noticed.”

“A Japanese hug robot, for instance or a boyfriend that didn't live with you.”

“Post nap dead zone.”

“Litany of mistreatment.”

“It's hard to run a family when your job commands no respect.”

“Something deep remembered. Because he looked at her with the most perfect expression of hatred.”

They Are Us (1969): An Oral History

An okay tale of how the filming of a movie went bad.

Best Lines:

“I didn't read the book though. That's what I have stuff for.”

“Wasn't the world's greatest actor, but he had charisma, and sometimes that's better.”

“Very French.”

“Destined to go wrong,”

“All very melodramatic and American.”

“Brought something back, hidden between the lines of that manuscript.”

“The end that waits for her.”

As Dark As Hunger

A woman finds a mermaid. Others pay the ultiamte price for another's ambition. This has grim details and it is not emotionally satisfying or intrinsically gripping.

Best Lines:

“Exiled from home because of events she'd had no say in.”

“However many generations held in captivity.”

I Say [I Say, I Say]

This has no atmospheric wow factor.

Best Line:

“Never quite being sure what their intentions were in doing so.”

The Pain-Eater's Daughter

An okay tale of a dark family legacy.

Best Lines:

“Keep a jealous watch over their belongings.”

“Money which, she knows, will only last them so long, and never long enough.”

“She belongs nowhere, to nothing,”

“Desperation is more powerful than revulsion.”

“Crying out for help, unheard.”

The Hope Chest

An abusive mother gets what's coming to her in this medicore tale.

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