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Undiscovered Country Issue 9 Reviewed

There is tech and a trip down memory lane. One feels vitriolic despisement for this. There have been a lot of negative experiences in this wholly inadequate issue. What are cyclotrons? There is a lot of exposition and things go horribly wrong. Things go awry.

Best Lines:

“The '43 surge.”

“Isn't anything predatory.”

“This technology, it could change the world. If the world lasts long enough.”

“You are its property now.”

“An abomination of who you are once were.”

“Back to a place far better than what came before.”

“Burned down my whole life getting here.”

“Push society forward.”

“Recommit to our core values.”

“Statehood was dismantled.”


“A libertarian extreme, united in individuated soverignty.”

“Second sealing.”

“Shining city alone.”

“Many Americans find the idea of the Thirteen Zones compelling.”

“Great migration.”

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