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Harlots 3x04 + Spooks 6x02 Reviewed

Harlots 3x04

Charlotte's death. Margaret finally recalls her matenral instinct. The pimps parade their crapulence. Who is giving birth to Blayne's child? Emily lies. The pimps aim to get away with throwing Charlotte off a balcony to her death. Charlotte lies in state in Lady Isabella's house. Blayne has a son. Lydia is hated and did she poison her mentor? Lydia plots. Charlotte is buried. Kate misses her chance. The mentor heads off to an unmarked grave. The dwarf wants off the streets. Lucy forgets the importance of curtains. This was okay. The pimps legged it before Charlotte breathed her last and have no remorse. The pimps lie and prance and preen. Kate plots.

Best Lines:

“This death carries scandal.”

“You cloth earred hag!”

“She must have fell.”

“This wailing is intolerable!”

“A girls always being killed!”

“We're not decent people.”

“More sorry than I can say.”

“Feud with tavern keepers.”

“When I was a child, I thought her kind.”

“Dangerous friends out.”

“Shall fire upon them without warning.”

“Make sure you're properly attired. This ain't a flophouse!”


“Hear the man's a cur.”

“I'll leave you to your joy.”

“Gutter wrath.”

“Sent to die in hell.”

“Suck my whore pipe.”

“Backward sailor.”

“Trollop lies in state in a rich woman's house.”

The Virus, part 2

Why do people have unswerving loyalty to Harry? His people die on a regular basis. Ros and Adam shagged. Patient Zero spreads the disease. There is farcical indifference to hygiene. There is poor judgment. A highly consequential set of events takes place.

Why isn't Adam quarantined? There is callousness and this was milquetoast and uninspired. This can muster very little of substance. This was unremarkable. Malign people plot. There are torments and Adam is lamenting.

There is a dreadful situation. People are forced into quarantine. The yanks won't help. People are criminally complicit. Adam faces antipathy and he has to work harder for sympathy. There are morally indefensible acts. This was not high intensity. Jo lurks. There is national despair and a knife fight in an alley. There is unintended foreshadowing of Covid19.

There are sad thoughts and a fearful weapon. People are contentedly awful. An old lady has an interrogation chamber under her boarding house. It is very large. The scale and intensity of the threat is offscreen. Harry and co look for those who facilitated the virus. Harry is a massive hypocrite with no moral distinction or moral backing. Who implemented all this?

Was it the French? Or the Russians? Malcolm lurks. The virus has the potential to be the end of all things. Or maybe not. This was not terrifying. This was incoherent. This was not unsettling. Adam left Jo to die and she didn't. They both know that. This was not meticulously plotted. What happened to the other agent? Where is Adam's son during all this? Ros is in peril. The boarding house hides a bioweapons lab. Connie shows up.

Best Lines:

“Pathogen will start spreading across London.”

“Who did this to us?”

“Long past all that.”

“Some poor vagrant.”

“Documented proof of what the governable considered to be acceptable British casualties.”

“After 300 years a plague is loose on the streets of London.”

“Targeted area safe for invasion.”

“Bring what back?”

“Transmissable distance.”

“Hate's good. I can use hate.”

“Disease vectors.”

“Wild vectors.”

“Force an answer.”

“Second rate mind and fat thumbs.”

“Bioweapons research facility beack in the days when we called it germ warefare.”

“Something too big to concede.”

“Red telephones, all the rest of it.”

“I've ordered the kidnapping and attempted murder of 4 foreign spies.”

“Uncorroborated word.”

“Superbug has now spread into the wider population.”

“The repercussions don't concern you?”

“Ramblings of a coup.”

“Do you know who your enemies are Ros?”

“Do you know who your real enemies are?”

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