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Industry (2020) 1x01 + Spooks 5x10 + The Twilight Zone 2x06 Reviewed

Industry (2020) 1x01

A BBC2 banking drama. People have to keep their jobs and there is incoherent banking talk. Someone sleeps in a toilet and uses makeup to hide dark circles. Some needs fake college transcripts, there is twerking in front of a laptop and indignity. There is sex, nudity and charmless people. Someone dies and this was stunningly horrendous.

Best Lines:

“You look like regional nightclub security.”

“Client will not hear no.”

“The Undertaker! Attiude era!”


Eco warriors seize the Thames flood barrier and threaten to flood the city. Adam has a son? Adam bores. Eco warriors have mid century thuggery. This show had so many sinister cabals with pernicious ends. People do rueful reflection and determine each other's trustworthiness. Adam and his 'heroic fortitude' repudiates pity. It is a time of national crisis, again.

There are threats via computer disc and this tries to make consequences of inconsequentiality. Recall Tom? The one who couldn't act? There is more bad acting to fill his void. This was incredible nonsence. There are deranged minds in this ephemera which was mediocrity. There is no dramatic pathos. There was innate wickedness and oppressive secrecy. There was no atmosphere of drama. This was fatuous ignominy. The eco warriors want a document called Aftermath published.

This was not that interesting. There is polite hostility in this interminable ep. There are adverse decisions. Things are connived at. There is preening caddishness and unscrupulous types. There is flooding and Adam emoting. I do not care. There is an ideological crossfire. Adam is a staunch defender. There is a wall of crazy and Aftermath exists and shows plans for what is to come. Adam's nuts.

Best Lines:

“The barrier never closes.”

“We have nothing to offer these people.”

“Hell of a memorial.”

“Climate's revenge on mankind's insanity.”

“Chaos to come.”

“City evacuation plan.”

“Probably not the Dutch!”

“Use the vents to get at them.”

“Witnessing their own success.”


People in an undersea lab make a world changing discovery. There is a bizarre translation device. The new life is hostile and plans to put an end to the human species. This was okay.

Best Line:

“I hate it down here, what we're doing.”

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