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Drakkon New Dawn Issue 3 Reviewed

The coinless universe version of Jason tantrums that his deliberetly brutal act of selfishness isn't applauded. He has dangerous irrationality. Jason rants, has violent swagger and demands to bask in adulation. He faces public antipathy and is a petulant, laughably deluded grim narcissist who does constant airing of personal grievances.

He has contemptuous dismissal and thinks he should be listened to. Jason has general awfulness and whines about broken greatness. They ignore the more ominious danger coming. Jason actively harmed people. Baddies from 'Power Rangers In Space' show up. There is a huge sense of despair and tragedy. Drakkon sent something inexorable and inevitable in motion.

There is no tonal subtlety. Jason dares others to challenge his conduct. People are imperilled. Drakkon has done harm irreparable. Jason was a pretty dire leader. There is edgy uncertainty. There are malign and well intentioned forces. Kim has a cunning plan and this was okay if shamelessly contrived. The coinless get a new name. There are no coins, no zords and no powers. Jason wanders off and Andros shows up. There is incoherent action and a baddie defeated via punching.

Best Lines:

“I just took back what was rightfully ours.”

“The things he drove us to do.”


“You are more than your trauma.”

“We can't go back to the way things were. We can't just morph again and fix the world.”

“I take back fifty percent of the unkind things I have said about you.”

“Zordon chose us all those years ago.”

“Power-hungry madman.”

“The things we did to each other...”

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