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Movie Reviews: The Day Of The Lord + Silence + Ghosts Of War + Sauvage 👎👎👎👎

The Day Of The Lord (2020)

Is a priest an exorcist or a loon? This Mexican horror is fairly unimportant. There is no truth, decency, respect or integrity. There is pure desolation and a surefit of grief. There is booze and pain and defeat. There is frustrated promise and there is emoting down phone lines and maniacal crying. This was not new or engaging. His life has not gone the way he planned. There is no rationality or good decision making or calm. This was macho nonsenset and a damned occupation. The priest ties up and abuses a teen girl. This was crud with a 'twist'.

Best Lines:

“The accursed priest.”

“Knowing your shady reputation?”

“In hell, where you sent him.”

Silence (2016)

Adam Driver features in this Martin Scorese film. Ill fated Jesuits go to 17th century Japan. It is 1640. Liam Neeson looms. Bad things happen. Time passes. Andrew Garfield has very shampoo commerical hair despite all the horrors he endures. There are slippery accents and doomed Jesuits. A bad guy does bad things. We see cats. A Judas lurks. Driver goes full method and this was grim. There is a lot of death and grimness. 'Shogun' this isn't. Some Jesuits are disgraced. This was long and dull.

Best Lines:

“Some remained on the mountain for 33 days.”

“Hidden christains.”

“It took years to reach us.”

“Surrended the faith.”

“Now things are even worse.”

“The whole of Catholic Europe.”

“Calls you to a great trial.”

“The outlawed faith.”

“Brought disaster.”

“So tempted to despair.”

“Praying to nothing.”

“Judas got only 30.”

“Verify their use.”

“The price for your glory is their suffering.”

Ghosts Of War (2020)

This is World War II horror with Brenton Thwaites of 'Titans'. It is France 1944 and GIs wander around the woods. There is no intelligence or rationalisation. People are smug and overweening. This was a waste of time that stretched credulity. This was meaningless and glaringly opportunistic. There is self righteousness. People have the wrong attiude and people suffer the consequences.

The gang find a chateau and there is bad acting and this was deeply deeply wrong. This was perpetually affronting. There is unpleasantess and slack jawed bafflement. There was irrelevance and bullish, self deluded types. There is no personal certainty. This was not terrifying. There is no relief of victory. There is gloating and sneering. There is no decency or compassion. This deserves to be relentlessly derided. There is a fanaticism of certainty.

There are angry responses and no cumulative effect. This was made with serious misjudgments. There are personal grievances and implications and this was a would be atmospheric backdrop. This was an embarrassment. This was atrocious. This was not unique. There is Hollywood darkness. There is no personal responsbility or compassion.

There is deep dismay and credibility is undermined. This was not vastly impressive. There are no horrific manifestations. There is an inevitable crisis and black magic. This was overwhelmingly negative, weak and unsuccessful. This was not a tense situation. Nazis lurk. There is petulance and self pity and exposition and low standards.

There is no moral purpose and this was appalling. This was seriously devalued. There is no positive action. There are bad tempraments and judgment. There is serious and irreparable damage. Leave the house you fools! The ending 'twist' is stupid. This was unreliable and weak and indifferent and vindictive and inhumane. There is no mercy just patent insincerity and the characters are complete idiots.

Best Lines:

“A forever ago.”

“Clean sheet and toilet paper.”

“Regular Marconi.”

“Ginger from the pig farm.”

Sauvage (2018)

In this French film, Leo sells his body on the streets for cash. He's sick and reckless and endures trouble on the job and off the job. He's homeless and on drugs. He drinks water off the street. This was depressing and overtly repellent.

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