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Paranormal (2020) 1x01 +Harlots 3x03 +FBI (2018-?) 2x18 +FBI Most Wanted 1x09 +The Enemy Within 1x03

The Myth Of The House

This Egyptian drama has ghosts, destructive tendencies, desperate straits, wounded stoicism and a perpetually anguished man who sees dead people. There is fear fuelled hysteria and no societal support. It is 1969 and things look charmingly unfashionable. A teacher smokes in class and does a voiceover. Ghosts spill his coffee. This is an inane thing. There is stress and anxiety.

There are unexpected and unwelcome ghosts and no composure. The man has a flat mood. There are simmering problems. He's overocme with sadness and burying trauma. He has absolute despair and there is a monstrous accumulation of cliches and improbability. This was wrong and wasteful. There is a 'Scottish' accent. No one is sharp and in command of every detail.

There is disaproportionate misery. There are pernicious people and no careful far-sighted decisions. There are real challenges and little or no support avalable. What isn't happening around people in terms of support and understanding. There is a downward trajectory and an exaggerated sense of fake fear. There is an unapproachable family who have a constantly low angry mood. There are relationships too damged to repair and a cat.

Best Lines:

“Last served.”

“Like those idiots claim.”

“Escape the tragic destiny that awaits her.”

“You refer to your fiance as doctor?”

Harlots 3x03

I haven't seen 3x01 and 3x02. Lydia's escaped Bedlam with a friend. 2 new pimps are in town and have burnt down Charlotte's house. Isabella's daughter has run off and married a footman. Lydia's son has legged it. There is no nunace of discourse. Lydia's Bedlam buddy has been battered.

Charlotte's stupid and shagging one of the pimps for reasons in a public park. Lucy's thick and useless. Why is Charlotte shagging a pimp? How has she not got an STD? Emily's crass and thick. Doom comes inexorably.

Lydia's mentor is extremely cruel. There is a dire display and irrational behaviour. Charlotte really pays the price for her lifestyle. People are cheerfully morbid and this was not alluring. New characters bore. Isabella has lived in abject fear of her brother for years. The ho's are far too slow to combat the threat Lydia and the pimps and Isabella's brother pose. Charlotte and Lucy's mother Margaret returns from America with a new husband. Lydia's wig is crooked. Isabella broods. Fanny lurks.

Everybody knows whats up and nobody does anything. Margaret is gifted a muff pistol. No really. Will broods and there is a prizefight in Isabella's house. Lydia attention seeks. No wonder this was axed. Nancy has no agency. Charlotte's sick of her mother. A pimp brawl leads to Charlotte taking a bone crunching fall. Alfie Allen has much to answer for.

Best Lines:

“Living in the home of a merciless bawd.”

“No one died if that's what you're hoping!”

“Even hell spat you out!”

“Putrid soul.”

“No scandal so great that she can't come home.”

“You took another man's name?”

“Hawking your stock?”

“Wives don't tend to like me.”

“Shrewish wife.”

“Paws of humdrum men.”

“Get her rutting.”

“I'm being warned.”

“Muff pistol.”

“Treasure it in my muff.”

“Don't involve yourself.”

“Get in with scum!”

American Dreams

I'm only watching this cos Nathan Darrow is in it. A school bus is hijacked. The FBI and their spinoff show investigate. Is Darrow's voice different? This is incoherent.


Trad wives get violent. The acting is bad. One FBI agent's daughter is hauled off by ICE. There is FBI brutality. Did the FBI straight up murder a suspect?!? This was SJW crap.

Best Lines:

“Wake and rise.”

“Drag you out by your testicles!”

“I was at Woodstock, I didn't raise no racist!”

The Ambassador's Wife

There is hostility and incoherence.

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