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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Paranormal' season 1 promo


Traditional air cured bacon – nice.

Barrel aged feta – mmmm.

I want French boho earrings. I want red rose Jacquard socks and a black floral silk scarf. I want sapphire and diamond set earrings. I want a lemongrass and cedarwood candle. I want a sandlewood candle.

I'd try rich hot choc and orange and chocolate mince pies. I'd try snow globe gin licqueur and aged lime pickle and garlic pickle.

What is kelp cutlery?

Destiel actually happened? Oh ffs.

'Brave New World' cancelled – yay.

The indifference displayed by my ex is mind-numbing. My ex has brazen disregard. My ex emphatically rejected me – I have no forgiveness. He has a definitive lack of concern. My ex was false to his allegiance. My ex has expressed no regret.

'Spooks' Quotes:

“Paid an appalling price.”

“Can't have you being remembered well.”

'The Vow' Quotes:

“I feel so blamed.”

“I'm not the bad person here.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“Horrible blackmail business.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Our democracy is being tested.”

“Not be a good ending.”

“Cast legally in a nominal sense.”

“Stay, in some sort of form.”

“Working since I'm 9 years old.”

“Thinks Trump's a great man.”

“Radical leftists.”

“Not a good ruler.”

“Fittingly uncertain climax.”

“Year of utter turmoil.”

“Spoke more than they listened.”

“Stars and strife.”

“Accusing each other of plotting a military conflict.”

“Ordered a military response.”

“Reap untold damage.”

“We need a reckoning.”

“Pose a threat to our rebublic.”

“Enemies ruling our country.”

“Wake up as a society.”

“Tons of angry people.”

“Country in ruins.”

“Patience might snap.”

“Shut by law for a month.”

“Need people through the doors.”

'Andromeda' Quote:

“Put him in a fish tank with piranahas: pray for the piranahas.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quotes:

“Temporal distancing.”

“Easy-looking skirts.”

“Food styling.”

“Make a choice between getting drunk and having mornings and well...mornings won.”


“Taking all their expertise with them,”


“Stopped coming anywhere near me.”

“Inevitable life stage.”

“Interested him less than I thought it would.”

“Sinusoidal communication.”

“Don't know what to do with freedom.”

“A world dominated by ad campaigns and flashy bottles.”

“Your only choice was something mass-market or to smell like your grandmother.”

“Arrogance of their class.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Semi threats of violence.”

“Several paths to victory.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Reactions were not positive.”

“One is openly hostile towards the basic norms of democratic society.”

“Blithely makes assumptions.”

“The animosity towards Trump that many Democrats presumed existed throughout the country simply did not manifest itself.”

“Famously reactionary (even then).”

“Nowhere else to go.”

“Distaste for virtually every film made after the decline of the studio system.”

“Not talked about very much anymore.”

“Mistake for Europe to count on the US as an ally.”

“No apology had been given during the course of the trial but there was no premise upon which that could have been done.”

“Socio-economic inertia.”

“Mobile elite.”

“An unspecified “they”.”

“That has long gone.”

'Sex, Lies & Murder' Quotes:

“Does not have a parole system.”

“In a ditch somewhere.”

“Their version of a romantic night.”

“Real evil bad guy.”

“Lived dollar to dollar.”

“Grid walks.”

“Alarm bell for cops.”

“Lazy, non-working.”

“Never hurt nobody.”

“Local rumours.”

“Boyfriends and husbands that she's gone through.”

'The Shed' Quote:

“Sheds don't actually set themselves on fire.”

'Harlots' Quote:

“You don't own the floor you stand on.”

'Celebrity Damage Control' Quotes:

“Made herself famous.”

“Attention sells products.”

“Street integrity.”

“Appears less than credible.”

“Tough streets of Brooklyn.”

'Merlin' Quote:

“My maidservant not an enchantress.”

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