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Movie Review: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)

This was fraught and appalling. There are exaggerated condemnations and a sense of grievance and spectacular misfortune. This cartoon was not good. There is meta-fiction and mumbling and really bad animation. Chris Pine has a cameo as a doomed Spider-Man. Miles is an annoying teen who becomes another Spider-Man.

The real Spider-Man dies. Stan Lee shows up. This was not much loved. There is drollery and more Spider-Men. There is Spider Gwen, a fat old Spidey, Spider-Man Noir (Nic Cage!!!), a Spider-Pig and a robo spider anime thing. MJ lurks. Aunt May lurks. There are no grim realities. This was strongly negative and physical assault is a certainty. There is no order of meance.

Kingpin lurks. There is nasty venom and infamy, infamy, everyboyd's has it in for Spider-Men. There is a furore. This was not warm or flawless. One feels scorn. Miles is devastatingly sassy. This was grinding. Nic Cage gets all the best lines but not many. A female Doc Ock lurks. This was ineffective. I don't care about motives or intentions. Spider-Man had many Spider suits. This was overly dramatic.

Best Lines:

“Pretty hardcore origin story.”

“Moral ambuigity of your violent actions!”

“Yeah I'm aware, it's a choice.”

“Save the multiverse!”

“Made some dicey money choices.”

“Weird things happen to me a lot.”


“Don't do friends.”

“Where's the wind coming from? We're in a basement."

“Child dressed like Spider-Man dragging a homeless corpse behind a train.”

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