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Quotes & A Tale Of 5 Tapes

Garlic & thyme olivers – nice.

Garlic mayo – mmm.

Med Skalet Kvar – extra krispiga Grill – yum.

Strawberry chewits – yum.

Vension pate – nice.

On 'Arrow': the Earth2 Malcolm, Tommy and Adrian were more bearable than Mia and Felicity.

I'd try roast garlic and red wine dinner sausages and avocado & lemon sorbet.

'Blade: Trinity' was not good.

'Castle Rock' cancelled – so?

'These Woods Are Haunted' – WTF?

WTF is tofu scramble?

So Stryper are still around?

RIP John Sessions.

Cleared out 5 tapes. 📼📼📼📼📼

The 'Sherlock' TPTB HATED their own fans!

My ex has no profound regret. Solitary years.

Got ghost chilli sauce!

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Enforced closures.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Threatened by a terrorist doll!”

“Get on all fours in the bushes and just wait for some weirdo to arrive.”

“No one's gonna fall for this!”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“GP community.”

“Badly let down.”

'City In Fear' Quotes:

“The most feared man in the USA.”

“Taken his place in infamy.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Faith based attacks.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“That usage is long outdated.”

“Led the most recent military coup.”

“Once one of their own.”

“Return to order.”

“Alarming as it is anachronistic.”

“Orderly obedient populace.”

“Growing chasm in understanding recent history.”

“Closed to public scrutiny.”

“Devoid of our perceived commmon purpose.”

“Revisits a case long closed.”

“Opinion leaders.”

“Not fitting in and not being accepted.”

“Unloved stories from outside the mainstream, and contrarian, sometimes fringe viewpoints.”

“Overt ideology.”

“Learn friendship skills.”

“A lot of their interactions are based around what isn't said.”

“Approaching shopping trolleys with suspicion.”

“Take on entire personalities of other people to fit in,”

“Didn't play with toys in a typical way.”

“Would find noise and just being outside the house massively overwhelming.”

“Trying to make someone do something they obviously aren't willing to do seems ridiculous, not to mention futile, as very often the person is deliberately not doing it.”

'Blade: Trinity' Quote:

“Like I care.”

'Food Unwrapped Investigates' Quotes:

“Killed from eating tainted food in hospitals.”

“To die from food.”

“Last one shouldn't have happened.”

“Does not meet basic nutritional levels.”

“Mass scale catering.”

“Legal responsibility.”

“Raw meat room.”

'Tvnow' Quotes:

“Grimy reality of life on the streets.”

“Staff answering the door and outside catering on hand.”

“Had nothing she could offer to match what was being donated.”

“Want to maintain the school's worthy, diverse reputation but they don't really want to have to socialise with the people who are receving that support.”

“Reluctant acceptance of what is to come.”

“Even with all the murdering.”

“There is no more that can be done to cure – or even treat -”

“Hit his limit.”

“Chasing this false hope.”

“Deliberately tacky.”

“Protestations of innocence.”

“Blackmail doll.”

“Life-changing series of events.”

'American Nightmare' Quotes:

“Spend 4 dollars on a loaf of bread.”

“Don't want me to work.”

“Something called curbside pick up.”

“Pictures I can't get again.”

“Really all I do.”

“Foodbank and community centre.”

“Continue to grow as learners.”

“Sometimes learn.”

“Held back in kindergarten.”

“Made it something to fear”

“Away from you.”

“Suburb type community.”

“Hoping to hell it don't burn down to the ground.”

“I live in a packed bag.”

'Totally Dublin' Quotes:

“You really are irrelevant if you are not hand-crafting your own knives these days.”


“Reusing and recyling quotes and images from other sources to comment on their own experiences.”

“Clearly inaccurate.”

“The hard drive was discovered at a commerical printers in Dublin's Bluebell Industrial Estate.”

“Questionable content not fit for print.”

“Parodically middle-aged.”

“Ever-expanding cultural reach.”

“Grave of dead traditions.”

“Other aspects of her artistry,”

“Out of mind of those who are bound to protect them.”

“Predatorial act.”

“Exisitng as an independent print magazine isn't easy,”

“Repeated cycle of trauma with their communities,”

“Trappings of his lifestyle.”

“Few are aware it's happening, and even fewer are critically challenging it.”

“Shadows of the future fall more darkly across the present.”

'Sherlock' Quotes:

“Loads of smackheads in there.”

“Are all of them still inside?”

“Animals grown for the battlefield.”

'Arrow' Quotes:

“You are a true friend, thnak you.”

“Thank god she didn't cook.”


“The people you want there the most: aren't. You taught me that: multiple times.”

'The X Files' Quotes:

“Your unimaginative necktie design.”

“Another bald headed jigsaw puzzle tattooed naked guy.”

“Human piranaha act.”

“Abhors normality.”

“Went all wiggy.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Something improper or perhaps even criminal.”

“Leeks not leaks.”


“Motives corrupted.”

'Drakon' Quote:

“What had survived the airblasts and half a millennium of weather and roots.”

#batman from Jacob Edgar: Comic Book Artist

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