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The Message

Harry, Ruth and Adam – all the useless characters – feature. Long forgotten transgressions are dug up and a plan becomes meanacingly clear. Harry and others plan the UK's social direction. This was preposterously muddled and clunkily solemn as malign indiduals close in.

There is talk of a prison fire and people reveal something insidous from deep inside. This was tiresome and something's terribly wrong. 7 of the country's most wanted men died in a prison fire and Harry is sure right is on his side and so absolutely anything justifies his means. This was lame garbage. There was exposition and this was undistinguished and less than outstanding. Harry is infuriating and has stoic determination.

The grim truth about a group called Axe Of Truth is revealed. Harry is confrontational. People have malevolent intent and are morally unconscionable. This was exceedingly stupid. Downright sinister types are dead. So? The characters are increasingly appalling and quietly smarmy and oblivious to how awful they are. A terrible reckoning cometh or something. There is absolute belief in their own verbal noise. The structures of civilization deteriorate.

There is toxic bombast and absurdity. These people are pitiless, pestiferous and given to authoritarian cruelty. There is a criminalisation of dissent by both sides. Secret cabals rule the world. There is subordination to a higher purpose. People needlessly and psychopathically pursue their own interests. People are no friend to the truth. This was preposterous. People are without compunction and there is normalisation of extreme cruelty.

Anything is morally feasible and this was outrageously bad. There are negative implications. There is no strong reaffirmation of core values. There are intrinsically wrong acts. There is no moral order and absolute moral norms are violated all around. Lies poison human society and there are infamies. Harry is personally opposed to the baddies du jour. People are shocked and disappointed. There are platitudes.

Wrongdoing is justified and excused. Ruth is a fool and bumptious. There is a significant source of streess. Nobody is ethically trained. There are violent hierarchies and exclusions. There is outrage and recrimination. The world is a cesspit and horrible toxic messages are spewed. There is negative attention and no emotional boundaries. Deaths were faked. There are talk of blacksites. Important stuff happens off screen. People intentionally disobey orders. This was regrettable.

Cotterdam prison is yelled about and Section D may or may not have a mole People struggle with life and social stigma and interpersonal difficulties and social challenges and mislaid blame. A men's association punch up has a detrimental impact. This was exasperating and irritating and frustrating. People get weirdly angry. The cast is almost 100% different than back in series 1. This does not viscerally explore the current issues. There was no reason for this ep to exist. The haplass Ruth plays at dark and cold.

People show horror at scepticism and there are vexing questions, furious rows and violent outbursts. There are ferocious rows and aggressive behaviour and intimidation. There is recklessness and malice. Oliver sneers, didn't he show up in the movie? There is bitter fallout and stuff is resolved off screen. Ruth is declared dead as a cover. She isn't dead, this time. There is inaction and distressing incidents. Harry is not an icon of democracy. Gugu Mbath-Raw has a thankless role as Adam's latest squeeze.

Best Lines:

“365 pages of action.”

“Write what they were told to.”

“Sleepwalking into vigilantism.”

“Call it an uncomfortable feeling.”

“Don't ask me for more.”

“I'm not sorry.”

“Don't think any of it makes sense.”

“Makes your orders null and void.”

“Can't do things the old way.”

“What is my choice?”

“Done it to too many people.”

“If you play fair, you should expect to lose.”

“Enough lies.”

“End of dark days.”

Among The Untrodden

There is bullying at a girls boarding school and psychic powers. This was not good

Best Line:

“Dumb nerd powers.”



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