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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Day Of The Lord' promo


'Industry' promo


'Star Trek Discovery' 3x04 promo

WTF? No sexy menace.

'The Spanish Princess' 2x05 promo

Mary. Wolsey. Not poignant. Psychopathology.

'Still Star Crossed' trailer

Uh, no.

Twirl – yum.

Clam chowder – okay.

Dark chocoalte with cranberry, almond & hazelnut – nice.

Triple cooked chips – too hard.

Green magic drink – nice.

Foie Gras crisps – okay.

Gran Luchito Mexican super smoky chipotle salsa Mexican magic – nice.

Sour apple refreshers – yum.

Tony's chocolovely almond seal salt – nice.

Poor seal pups.

I won't read 'The Chill'.

I'd try cucumber pickle and spiced pumpkin cream and edible sand.

With my ex something went wrong, somewhere along the way. My ex = truly awful. He was knowingly malign. My ex has escaped any real accountability – he's an emotional enigma. I feel lonesomeness. I fiercely resent my ex. My ex hurt me with cool determination and I feel perpetually misunderstood.

'Cleopatra 2525' is 20 years old.

There are Bouji poptarts?

Saw the Tom Hardy 'Wuthering Heights' – he does his Bane accent and gurns.

There's an 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' movie?

I want a pilgrim collar dress.

Who saw 'The Hill', 'Of God & Men', or 'The Offence'?

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Lack of street events.”

“Thriving language.”

“Dreaded memories of their school days.”

“As spoken in Ireland today.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Worse than the worst case scenario.”

“Under pandemic conditions.”

“2 versions of America.”

'The Case Of Caylee Anthony' Quote:

“Body recovery site.”

'Snapped' Quote:

“Exchanged threats.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Something to be done.”

“Turbulent countries.”

'The Stone Dogs' Quote:

“If they had been spared the hammer from the skies, what bipedal tool-user might have evolved to gaze curiously starward with reptile eyes?”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Am very rarely in Dublin's city centre these days,”

“No longer on my way to or from anywhere.”

“I miss so many things.”

“Instructed, in fact, roared at, to leave by tip staff,”

“Sharknado reject.”

“Ongoing public engagement.”

“Grave reasons.”

“Range is limited.”

“Been preparing for this for years.”

“The Dingle dolphin.”

“Buying milk from foreign cows.”

“Footfall driver.”

“Bready things.”

“An organization that does not exist.”

“Ecocidal regimes-”

“Problems could (and probably should) be “solved” by simply moving somewhere else, since there was a lot of somewhere else to move to.”

“Democracies, of course, can and do fail.”

“Blaming unfamiliar others for society's woes,”

“Saxon tongue.”

“Decisions must be based on divining the prescise intentions of a small group of 18th-century white men.”

“What Madison, Jefferson and the rest might have thought of Ikea, assault rifles or even the state of Wisconsin, is a matter for pure conjecture, since none of them existed in their lifetimes.”

“Unavoidable figure in popular culture.”

“Nothing left of nowhere.”

“Endless remembering.”

“Actively forget.”

“Such experiences are inexpressible.”

“Embittered relationship.”

“Learning how not to speak.”

“All lived in seperate rooms.”

“She would forgive you once. Once.”

“Protect respectable society from the depredations of young people.”

“Career and reputation never really recovered.”

“Largely refused to give interviews or appear in retrospective documentaries.”

“No discernible skills or talent.”

“Historical resonace.”

“A stranger in his own lands.”

“There mere thought of his absence is joyous.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quotes:

“Your world – which we will die to make!”

“Detestable arts.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Ways to convert fame into money.”

“Personality cult without the personality.”

“Outdated cultural offering.”

“Looked like something defence companies sell to dictatorships for crowd control.”

“Fulfiling their purpose.”

“Cause some positive action.”

“Planned for the advent of an unknown illness – often referred to as “Disease X”. It would be highly contagious, not previously identified and cause a major international epidemic.”

“Reservoir host-”

“Poisonous culture.”

“Modestly famous.”

“Camera training.”

“Unfathomable prospect.”

“Address his own reputation.”

“Behavioural things that led to a bad reputation.”

“Do what he likes doing best: tweet-yelling, complaining and litigating.”

“Grievance warrior.”

“A socialist apocalypse in which the suburban idyll is invaded by low-rent riff-raff, city streets reduced to carpets of broken glass through which looting anarchists carry off appliances of their choice before setting your parked SUV ablaze.”


“A loose acquaintance with history.”

“Grimly uncanny prophecy of death.”

“Achieved only at a price.”

“As befitted a solemn national occasion.”

“Damaging alterations.”

“Highest rhetorical pitch.”

“Looking stern and studious.”

“Instant Lincoln-strength gravitas.”

“Moral power.”

“Devised for exclusion.”

“Come together in a great and justice cause.”

“Conquer tthe stars.”

“Call to moral arms.”

“Crass ego-politics.”

“Narrative of demise.”

“Unearned privilege.”

“The trauma of having their professional lives evaporate around them in the space of hours.”

“Social critiques.”

“Leaves a dubious legacy.”

“Civic tragedy.”

“Turned away from all he had believed.”

“Pandemics happened someplace else.”

“Glowering and growling through every scene as though he's a man incapable of experiencing pleasure at all, except at the expense of other people.”

'City In Fear' Quotes:

“Remains unnoticed.”

“Big bad ugly world.”

“Enjoying the company of older, wealthy men.”

“People of position.”

“Terrifying impulse.”

“Serial killer. Do something about it.”

“Crazed serial killer in our midst.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“Mess of a life.”

“Bemusement, resignation and horror.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Shadows are my thing.”

“The going! The almost going! The gone!”

“I feel the conflicted.”

“Warning way too vague to concern me.”

“Moon rabies!”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“A man who had coasted for too long on his good looks.”

“A quality of loathsomeness.”

“Outpourings of anguish.”

“Could never be accused of compassion or sensitivity.”

“Implicit menace,”


“Tend to regard nature as a treat that ordinary people don't really deserve or as a nuisance to be swept away.”

“Last breeding nightingales.”

“An alarming aspect of our present crisis is that it has happened in living memory.”

“Lived and died when dinosaurs walked the Earth.”

“Rising menace.”

“New neighbours may not be the amiable innocents he took them for.”

“Involved threatening letters, covert organisations and a blunderbuss.”

“Ruined heroes.”

“Spent a night in Tretford Forest with some exuberant doggers.”

“No personal life.”

“Ricocheting from one sordied trauma to the next.”

“No credence or value.”

“Conceptual installations.”

“These are contentious times.”

“Sacrificing fortunes, families and careers.”

“Fervent followers.”

“Relentlessly pursued.”

“Ruinous attacks.”

“Messianic delusions.”

“Gone on a promise that was a lie.”

“Pepper isn't a seasoning.”

“Absence of accountability remains unresolved.”

“Long and combative dispute.”

“Gravitas and aspiration.”

“Provocative insults.”

“Countless provocations.”

“Chosen his moment to get offened.”

“Craving for adoration.”

“Prevailing ethic.”

“Entitlements and expectations.”

“Foundational event.”

“Fearsome implications.”

“Terrible personal qualities.”

“So overwhelmingly rejected.”

“Cultural event.”

“Gilded memory.”

'Italy's Invisible Cities' Quotes:

“To be public was to be a target.”

“The knowlege of how to build an unsupported dome had been lost with the Romans.”

Watched the 'Unsolved Mysteries' season 2 ep 'Lady In The Lake': this is a case of great unpleasantness. A most beloved mom vanished. The police seem to have unconcern and carelessness about her case. There is cheerlessness and baleful glances. Did she really walk into a grim looking frozen lake to die?

The body was not found where the police said it should be. Why was she wearing high heels in the snow? People have hellish visions of what could have happened. She left an awful void. There are hints of gleeful malice in her family. Did her husband kill her? She had overwhelming virtures. A PI speaks. Why didn't police take photos of the footprints in the snow? She was wearing 4 inch heeled boots. Could she have even reached the lake with them on?

There is a malign scenario. The dead woman was in the grip of paranoia and obsession. There was recklessness. Why somebody out to get her and did they get her? There was no effusive response by police. She was a troubled woman. The police were rudimentary. The ambience of the neighborhood is bad. There is a feeling of desertion & disregard.

The area is cold and inhospitable looking. There is unresolved grief. The body was found 30 miles away. How? Lake Erie is mentioned. There is condemnation of the cops. Why was her designer purse torn and found in her car? What became of her rosary and phone? Her high heeled boots were intact and on her feet. Police live in a state of denial. The unloved father does not contribute to this show. There is overwheming fondness for the dead woman.

Her brother is a suspect. There is ennui, vague grumpiness and complicated dynamics purging the joy out of life. Another suspect is a cop cousin who didn't come to the funeral. There was a family fallout over a will. There is no approachability. There is seriousness. There is frivolity. The unapologetic cops are morons. This all took place in Grosse Pointe. JoAnn's death remains unresolved.

Best Lines:

“Who did your mom fear?”

“Crossed the other 2 lane traffic.”

“Someone took her.”

“Can't believe this is my life.”

“Went to church and cooked. That's all she did.”

“Never fingerprinted the purse.”

“Created the scene in the snow.”

“Interesting past.”

“Lot of dislike.”

“Family divide.”

“Stress he may have brought.”

“There are disputed facts in this matter that are disturbing and to this day remain unresolved.”

“With high heels on. In the snow. In the dark.”

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