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Star Trek Discovery 3x03 Reviewed

People Of Earth

Why are there wrecked ships in space? There is a time passing montage. 700 years after Discovery left, all dilithium went inert. Active warp ships blew up. There is exposition and Book is now a friend.

There are unresolved issues. The future seems contentious and devoid of morality and decency. This is not extraordinarily compelling. The damning conclusion is that it was all for nothing. Where is Ash? What caused The Burn in which millions died? The crew head back to Earth and try to claim Discovery is a generation ship. Saru is captain. It takes Tilly ages to put on her uniform. Saru orates and vastly overstates Discovery's impact. There are controversial concepts. There is a memorial wall to dead crewmembers. Does anyone think of the real Lorca?

Book's cat shows up. Where is the other Starfleet guy? We see dilithium crystals – they are red. Micheal learns you can't go home again. There is a death of aspiration. There is a collective decline. Book wanders onto the bridge. Paul uses the spore drive. Discovery jumps to Saturn. Where's Spacedock? Earth is siolationist and has a forcefield and a United Earth Defence Force

Earth left the UFP. Nobody is jovial. The EDF has fascistic new uniforms and humans can't restrain from bellicose rhetoric. Where is the other Starfleet guy?!? The Emperor puts on an Admiral uniform. How do they have food? The Discovery uniform is bum hugging. Starfleet and the UFP left Earth 100 years ago. Terra Prime did achieve its aim – centuries later.

Earth had unthinkable solutions to a threat. Where are Starfleet and the UFP now? A final bitter joke. How did people ethically accept this? People seek conflict rather than compromise. The UFP lost a lot of ships in The Burn. A 16 year old EDF 'officer' shows up to annoy. Irritating raiders need to piss off. There are food slots and the snotty tween 'officer' is grimly triumphant.

Earth is not Discovery's last place of retreat. The raiders avarice could not be quenced or satisfied. These people annoy. Saru rants. Detmer is regret filled. This ep makes you recoil. This ep is an aberration. Some raider rants. People are wilfully misleading. The tween whines – somebody slap her. This is a collective decline. 2258 is where Discovery is from.

This was not persuasive. The tween 'inspector' is host to a Trill symbiont despite being human. People on Titan have mute resentment. People's proffessed agenda is not what it seems. Michael has secrets and distance and becomes XO. This was not gloriously satisfying. There is retience about the truth. How did Saru get Michael's telescope? Book leaves. Tilly and co visit the former Starfleet Acadmey. An old tree is big. Who's the blonde bridge bunny? Tilly wears eyeliner. Earth is in unsplendid and benighted isolation.

Best Lines:

“Federation as know it disappeared overnight.”

“It's so big now.”

“This is my life now.”

“Gone for centuries.”

“There has to be a story there.”

“Across all known space.”

“A man who jumps a starship through mushroom space.”

“Obsolete Starfleet.”

“Any who will join us.”

“Brought this ship through time.”

“Bears the name Discovery.”

“Had whole lives.”

“You are not welcome here.”

“Michael warned me about you.”

“Did you listen?”

“Some scary people.”

“Piss off an entire planet.”

“Some difficult trusting your judgment.”

“Everything we dedicated our lives to, disappeared into madness.”

“Black alert.”

“A viewscreen. How quaint.”

“This is worse than than the bog.”

“Petting your fat cat.”

“Arrived to find you suspicious.”

“Focus on what we still had.”

“Dilithium raiders.”

“Ancestral home.”

“Starfleet does not fire first.”

“What you're defending yourselves from?”

“Everybody here is smart!”

“Federation's home planet.”

“You coming?”


“Tween menace.”

“900 year old Starship.”

“They stand down or they die.”

“Trust must remain an assumption between us.”

“She may carry knowledge of what remains of Starfleet.”

“Standing order to take them down.”

“Diplomacy is so slow.”

“Human navigator.”

“One a research colony.”

“Wiped out our tillable soil.”

“Strong defence protocols.”

“We didn't know.”

“Now you do.”

“You bring your suffering on yourselves.”

“Earth is no longer part of the Federation?”

“Why should we be?”

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