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Movie Reviews: Goosebumps + Devil's Road + White Boy Rick (2018) 👎👎👎📦📦📦📦

Goosebumps (2015)

This R.L Stine inspired movie is full of irksome implausibilities and inherent crassness. This was dreary and lifeless. This was crap, unwatchable crap about immature boys who should probably have worked through their issues concerning their relationship with their parents some time ago.

Devil's Road: The True Story Of Ed And Lorraine Warren (2020)

This documetary about the demonologists is bizarre. WTF was this? This was perpetually inferior and increasingly menacing. Were they deluded or con artists or both?

Best Lines:

“Punches Ed in the face.”

“Religious provocations.”

“Using his fame to escalate the situation.”

“A future Pope intervenes.”

“Passed down their knowledge to a new generation.”

“Ghost school.”

White Boy Rick (2018)

Matthew McConaughey stars in this true story of a gun running, drug dealing, FBI informing 14 year old white trash loser. It begins in 1984 and ugly white trash smartmouth Rick looks like he is 30. He is involved in guns and drugs. This was dreadful. Bruce Dern plays his grandfather. There is dysfunction and fighting in the street. He is a school dropout and this was trivial.

The FBI have collective aspirations and desire to annoy. Rick and his father ahve a criminal history. There is collective whining and poor rats. The FBI are patronising and hire Rick as an informant. There are no authentic responses. There is a reactionary, hyperbolic culture. There is frustration, stress and grief.

This was improbable and there is constant swearing. There are corrupt forces and this is the image of America. There is no endless sense of possibility. There is stupidity and cozening. There are pernicious trends and soulless rapacious people. There is casual use of guns in a diner parking lot. This was pretty lame. This was not wacky. Rick is repellent and there is no intellectual honesty.

There is pervasive immorality, lies and incivility. FBI informing is not an anxiety free process. Womens asses are on display. There are random acts of violence. This was unspectacular and ludicrous. There is no sense of meance. Rick dug himself a hole from which he never satisfactorily escaped. This deserves ridule.

Nobody notices the 2 FBI agents following the underage Rick around? He was shot at one point. There are dishonest people and uneasy money. This was unsatisfactory. This was bad very bad. Rick's dad has grave concerns. Matthew McConaughey goes for an Oscar in all his scenes. Rick has a gold chain collection and a child he ignores. Rick is busted for drugs. This does not speak well of Rick's judgment. Things escalate to the point of threatening his future. The FBI don't care. Various peoples actions raised serious issues. For Rick, escape is effectively impossible. There was no abundance of caution. After 30 years Rick got out. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Piper Laurie co starred in this.

Best Lines:

“Open up some video stores.”

“Get frozen custard!”

“That's what families do.”

“Everything is not fine!”

“Full on James Bond sh*t.”

“Broke ass daddy.”

“10 year ticket.”

“As you can see your grandfather's a tad upset.”

“What's up with you people and photographs?”

“How stupid are these guys you're hanging around with?”

“Open up a movie store.”

“Little hobby of your dad's down in the basement.”

“Happy with who you are?”

“Don't need much more than we already have right now.”

“Ricky's a leper.”

“Would be better for Ricky if he had killed someone.”

“Making him out like he's Capone.”

“That's the sentiment in the city.”

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