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Trailers, Quotes & 1 Tape Tale

'DNA' promo


'Halloween Kills' teaser


'Exorcist: The Beginning' promo

Which version? Interested.

'The Crown' seson 4 trailer


Toffeee – okay.

Raspberry panna cotta – nice.

Made gluten free chocoalte pumpkin brownies – mmmm.

Cleared out 1 tape. 📼

On 'Arrow': Oliver created a lot of his enemies via his own malignant intent: Adrian Chase, Slade, Huntress and Tommy. He never apologised to Tommy but he did resurrect him from the dead so that is something right? Right?

What an appalling thing my ex did. I do sometimes succumb to despondency. I thought my ex would stand steadfastly by me. My ex = unsatisfactory. He had empty words and promises.

RIP Bobby Ball.

A folk horror book I wanted to read delayed til 2021!

'Arrow' Quotes:

“Are you going to blame tommy for dying?”

“I'm done caring.”

“Poor Laurel. Did Tommy dump you?”

“No. He died.”

'The Vow' Quotes:

“So many things that were not okay.”

“Brought in as a recruitment tool.”

'RTE News' Quote:

Extremely hostile and unfriendly.”

'Spinning A Yarn: The Dubious history Of Scottish Tartan' Quotes:

“A fabric that tells stories.”

“Tales you can't entirely trust.”

“Ousted monarchs.”

“Outright frauds.”


“Late 3rd century AD.”

“Celtic artform.”

“An old loom.”

“Highland lifestyle.”

“Primitive, lawless, Gaelic speaking cattle rustlers.”

“Battle standard.”

“Salad dodger.”

“Clan tartan.”

“Image of potential.”

“Great verse epics.”

“Usable national past.”

“Squashed Mexican beetles.”

“Self deluding lowlanders.”

“As kings go, George was unusually ludicrious.”

“King was a comedy figure.”

“Good at loyalty.”

“Tartan force.”

“Those who had once been his dynasty's greatest enemies.”

“Propagnda stuck.”

“Realer it became.”

“Invented what the world thinks of as Scottishness.”

“What the world thinks Scotland is like.”

“Chronologically impossible.”

“National myths must be true.”

“Dangerous attachments to myth.”

“Local worthy.”

“No retreat from here...die where you stand.”

“Little purposeful effect.”

“It has no useful function.”

“Embarrassing grotesque.”

“Loathed with particular intensity.”

“Writing diatribes.”

“Deliberetly being humourless.”

“Very contentious issues.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“What had been a friendship grew into something else.”

“Just as gruesome as you can.”

“National spectacle.”

“Remain loyal to him to this day.”

'Evidence Of Evil' Quote:

“Deteriorates into grisly scene.”

'The Fall Of The Berlin Wall' Quotes:

“Should have not wished him any success.”

“Does it choose to?”

“How wrong was I?”

“Unlikely to last in its existing form.”

“Parliment of the streets.”

“Most important day in modern history.”

“World is a different place tonight.”

“Nervous aboout what may lie ahead.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Consistently at a financial loss.”

“Singularly failed to confront,”

“Faded relic from a bygone era.”

“Never before tasted the substance.”

“No difficulty in attributing motives to me.”

“Fear they might lose their current assets.”

“Convinced they are about to be let down.”

“Placing information beyond public access.”

“Threats of legal action.”

“Reckless, false assertions.”

“As accompanices women of that generation.”

“Built new lives.”

“Unproven or extravagant or extreme.”

“Spillover events.”

“The devastation this could inflict.”

“Collapse of civilisation.”

“Existential threat to human civilisation.”

“Highly contagious and deadly.”

“Once in a century event.”

“Overly aggressive riding.”

“King's advauntage.”

“The fate of his queen.”

“Cod wars.”

“Moral and physical protection of archives.”

“The tension between the officially documented version of events in institutions and the experiences of those who lived or were born in them will probably never be fully resolved.”

“Cutting off the head of Anne Boleyn.”

“Need support from outside, and that has been slow to come.”

“Waiting to be called up to the front.”

“Red squirrels squat in birds boxes because they're mad bastards.”

“A reintroduced pine marten eats custard creams.”

“Horrible repetitiveness.”

“Ragged holes in the tiled floor, surrounded by men wearing hard hats and worried expressions.”

“Portal to freedom.”

“Totemic pledge.”

“Rising tension and escalating threats.”

“Generalised distress.”

“Satisfactorily confirm.”

“With accents, clothing and lifestyles that may differ from their middle-class peers,”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Europe approaches a new crises.”

'Wrongly Released: Free To Kill' Quotes:

“Desperate to sort her life out.”

“More sinister details.”


“Emotional sorrow.”

“Frighteningly similar.”

“Uproar in the nation.”

“Horrible people.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Day of shame.”

“Grim reading.”

“Think the decision to suspend him is deranged.”

“Stated commitment.”

“Specific issues of concern.”

“Dramatically overstated.”

“Deep and horrible.”

“I don't believe I did fail.”

'Pig Island' Quotes:

“They're not well liked-”

“Satan walking the beaches of pig island.”

“A pair of shorts I had a vague idea I was meant to notice.”

“We just want Malachi off the island so we can go over there and exorcize whatever it is he's tempted into living there.”

“Terrible things are being said...”

“Get away now. Before I use my axe.”

'Urban Myth' Quote:

“Said she didn't touch him or his pigs.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Done with the drama.”

“Low grade typing paper.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Cursed by family tragedies.”

“Dogged by failure.”

“Lack of contrition.”


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