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Adult Material 1x04 Reviewed

Deep Fake

The normlisation of all this goes on. There are ID checks and Hayley learns her former Bang Cherry coworkers have nothing but contempt for her, she eventually goes back to work with them. Hayely learns Amy faked an STI test. Hayley goes to court. Tom Pain lurks and deserves contempt. He doesn't fall from grace but Hayley hopes he will. People recall that Phoebe exists. Stella thinks Hayley can't win the case and she is right. Stella nags Phoebe to support her awful mother. Hayley has an absolute unwillingness to not be awful. This was clumsy.

Hayley is an idiot on the stand. Why is she such a thick bimbo and ungrateful fool? This was melodramatic. Amy's escorting and bad things happen. Hayley's dishrag of a mother lurks. Amy's in bad situations. Hayley loses the case and needs to pay £40,000 in under 30 days. Rather then sell her beloved house, she decides to film with Tom Pain.

Hayley drinks and passes out on the floor and seems to walk off her liver disease. Tom Pain is beyond her vengeance. Hayley is done with Amy. Carroll is useless and Hayley is thankless. When has Hayley ever done anything but pursue every desire, every whim? Tom P:ain has matchless villainy. Hayley gets ready for the filming in gross detail. If she's broke, how come she always has her nails done?

There is chilling nonchalance about degredation. Carroll finally shows up with no real regret. Hayely is Jolene again and goes back to porn claiming she is now doing ehtical porn. What became of Phoebe's boyfriend? Jolene gets Rich back. Oh come on. Mmmm.

Best Lines:

“Late, pissed, her arse is sagging.”

“It wasn't the bad kind.”

“Oh, it was the good kind of gonorrhoea was it?!?”

“Maliciously, knowingly wrong.”

“Deserves a lot better than your lazy, teenage contempt.”

“Her consent isn't valid.”

“Violent attacker.”

“Friend that you relied on.”

“Doing that with him?!?”

“This is a choice!”

“You can't save me.”

“You are going to be shamed.”

“Organic porn.”

“I thought you loved me.”

“That ain't love mate.”

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