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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Last Resort' promo

I miss this show.

'Star Trek: Discovery' 3x03 promo

“This version of the future.”

'The Spanish Princess' 2x04 promo

A fake belly and Bessie.

'The Possession Of Hannah Grace' promo


Curly wurly – tough.

Snap & crackle raspberry flavour chew – nice.

Strawberry refreshers – nice.

There is hazelnut pesto?

I feel abandonment. I don't accept rejection with equanmity. My ex was endlessly solicitous, until he wasn't. My ex wiped me from his life. He has blithe indifference.

'Opioids, Inc' – wow.

'Outer Banks' got a second season?

I want a sanit jewels platinum, diamond and 19th-century spiral ring. I want a woll and velvet minidress. I want a pumpkin ramekin.

'The Same Sky' – no.

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Hasn't been the same since they murdered the mayor's dad here.”

“A JCPennys. Used to be here.”

“Collection of candle kiosks and persian cd stores.”

“Toothache cream.”

“We already own a book!”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Commissioned in gratitude.”

“Turned violent.”

“Don't want to annoy loyal customers.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quote:

“Any equipment to prepare? Candles? Farm animals?”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Emotional despair.”


'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“There needs to be consequences for this type of behaviour.”

“Feelings are utterly terrifying.”

“To change any behaviour, a person needs to have the capability, opportunity and motivation to do so.”

“Prompted public discussion.”

“Being horrible has been a choice all along.”

“Say the things that no one else will say.”

“Territorial based societies.”

“The past was behind them and not mentioned.”

“Enablers and facilitators who aided and abetted the rise of a man not worthy of the status, power or rewards he was granted.”

“Those responsible have now retreated to the shadows taking advice on how best to avoid scrutiny and challenge.”

“Refused to conform to society's expectations of who they should be.”

“In books, groups of teenagers are so often involved in mysterious deaths that must then be solved.”

“Denied genuine involvement.”

“Provided with many opportunities to include us, they ignored us.”

“A grave insult in the biker world.”

“No longer Ireland's idea of fun.”

“Don't want to think of my life without him in it.”

“Regretted and sought for again.”

“Tone of the art that will dominate in troubling times.”

“Wait for them to eventually realise that your patience and understanding and lack of neediness marks you as a Cool Girl, the kind of woman you do indeed settle down with.”

'Control Z' Quote:

“Whole school had it coming to them.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“Chin diapers don't help!”

“Are we protesting or are we rioting?”

“Denied their lives.”

“Not what should matter right now.”

“Do not quote the president in front of our child.”

“Mask shaming.”

“Spoken like a true redneck.”

“Desolation and uncertainty.”

“Actively not doing anything.”

“Normal! Back in march!”

“Put down the snowball and get back to quarantine!”

“Attention protesting looters.”

“You're normal.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“This is the exodus that could reshape urban life in the coming years.”

“Bohemian proletariat.”

“Lowest life satisfaction.”

“Rediscover their childhood bedrooms.”

“Premium cities.”

“Smug thinny.”

“Found other people far too human to endure.”

“Secluded in their garrets,”

“Walled themselves up in their chambers and muffled out the world.”

“Unweclome reappearance.”

“Remembered with affection.”

“Abandoned by society.”


“National outcry.”

“Almost nothing to catch up on.”

“A precaution that triggered the catastrophe.”

“Footage of dead bodies being removed by military trucks.”

“Horror that unfolded.”

“Ill-will it caused.”

“Elicited a singularly angry repsonse.”


“Liberal coastal regions-”

“Politcal landscape is shifting, profoundly.”

“It was a peace offering of sorts. Hostilities resumed shortly thereafter.”

“Incredible impact that having money, or not not having money, will have on what happens to you, and your life.”


“Poor-quality synthetic underwear.”

“Tree voles that never come to ground.”

“Global villain.”

“Since the beginning of life on the planet,”

“Increasingly thwarted.”

“Old-growth redwoods.”

“500 years to mature.”

“No taproot to anchor them.”

“Fires that date back decades.”

“Towering ancient forests that once reached for hundreds of miles.”

“Post-hippy vibe.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“Armed junkies threatening trauma surgeons.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Stolen whatever they could carry, and dragged it back to fill their enormous houses.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Lifting them with the downdraft.”

“Friend of his dreams.”

“English interloper.”

“Terrible event.”

“You bore me!”

“Unresolved hurt and longing.”

“Agonising anguish.”

“Slapstick absurdity.”

“Post 'Taken' tosh.”

“The in and out bandit.”

“Slumming mode.”

“Threatening people on the phone.”

“Air of man waiting for his paycheque to arrive.”

“Restorative power.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Didn't really think about the consequences of our behaviour.”

“Free and considered choice.”

“Things were rapidly going in the bad way.”

“This is how you interact with the world.”

“Your importance is communicated through the things you wear, buy and do.”

“Become a person I didn't want to be.”

“Voluntary isolation.”

“Sinister concerns.”


“Provoked inevitable mockery on social media.”

“Unimaginable tribulation,”

“Complete disregard for what people thought.”

“Trapped in the aspic of our obsession,”

“Pseudo-deep questions.”

“Searing intellect.”

“Natural contentment.”

“Great long-haul drama.”

“How much prewar British fiction consisted of exploring the country estates of the upper class.”

“Narcissistic tone.”

“Moral sophistication.”

“Been hard done by.”

“Smirking speculation.”

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