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Book Review: More Beautiful than Death

More Beautiful Than Death by David Mack

This is another of the 2010 postponed novels based on the JJ Abrams reboot. Now it seems the reboot is dead and this bad novel has finally been published. It is ultimately irrelevant. People are wildly out of character. Sense is wilfully ignored as the plot sees 'demons' unleash mayhem and wreak havoc. There is technobabble and this was boring. A deranged obvious baddie has a plan and we get no hint of the societal changes caused by Vulcan blowing up. McCoy does nothing. This has a fairly obvious T'Pring and talk of the fal-tor-pan and this rips off 'Amok Time' and 'Star Trek III: The Search For Spock'. Mack really half assed this.

Best Lines:

“Wherever night falls, no one is safe.”

“Inciting mass hysteria, looting and riots. Just trying to manage the traffic caused by mass evacuations drom the cities has badly overextended our police and military forces.”

“Why is Kirk taking all the ship's senior officers with him in his landing party? Why is he, the ship's commanding officer, leading such an obviously perilous ground assignment?”

“Self-contained societies.”

“Grave consequences for publicly second-guessing his orders.”

“It is your sole prerogative – and your sworn dity – to relieve Captain Kirk of command of the Enterprise.”

“That human whore!”

“Ancient beyond record,"

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