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Control Z 1x05 + FBI: Most Wanted 1x06 Reviewed 👎👎

Face To Face

Someone in a mask mumbles threats. People are absolutely furious idiots. People are openly aggressive. Why is Sofia compelled to intervene? Raul's awful parents want money. There is no moral authority. Sofia's mother is whiny worst. Reputations and characters are gravely damaged. Sofia is rude to Javier. Raul is awful. There is uncertainty. Raul wants Sofia.

There is bad dubbing and the principle is useless. There is no friendly sincerity. There are uncertain times and social opprobrium. This was unambitious. There is grim contemplation and Javier rages. This was unappealing. The hacker is intrusive. The principle has an admirer. What precipitated the crisis? This was absolutely dreaful. There is no reasonable escuse for behaviour. The hacker spreads fear and anxiety.

Best Lines:

“What we do from now on is on us.”

“My mom won't give me anymore money.”

“May I come in?”

“You're already in!”


A cult leader plots and spews fancy sounding dogma. Julian McMahon has aged badly. The FBI hunt the murderous pervy prophet of the post digital age. This was mmmm.

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