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Star Trek Discovery 3x01 + Roadkill (2020) 1x01 Reviewed

That Hope Is You, part 1

Michael meets Book in this ep which is not repackaged nostalgia. There are deep ideological divisions in the future. What's with the holo parrot? There is nano bed that becomes a nano desk. There is a new Starfleet logo. A man searches for Starfleet signals. There are wrecked ships in space. Recall holo-viewscreens? Now they have nano viewscreens and nano controls.

Michael has ended up seperated from the ship in the future. How does the suit have a heat shield? There is an alien sky and Michael pukes and the year is 3188. Is this a homage to 'Andromeda'? There is a dystopian sensibilitiy in 3188. There are unforseen mistakes and Michael blows up the suit. There is a nostaligic aspect. Things are still especially urgent. Michael expresses consternation. Things are socially endured. Luckily the planet she crashed on has a breathable atmosphere.

There is no going back. There are new opening credits. This ep had 3 writers. This ep was filmed in Iceland. Book attacks Michael – ffs. Will Book shut up? He is a moral problem. There is an increasingly grave sense that the future is not what it should be. Book has moral entitlement. The Gorn somehow destroyed 2 lightyears worth of subspace. Book talks too much. Book won't help. Why is he such a jerkass?

There is situationism and limited tactical options. There are high audience expectations and Book has quantum slipstream and a cat. Book is hostile and lacks trustworthiness and this was not elegant or intelligent. The UFP is gone. Book has no professional integrity. The UFP collapsed a long time ago after The Burn. With attention comes negativity. The Burn was dilithium blowing up thus ending warp travel. Why did dilithium blow up?

A universe shattering catastrophe is faced every so often in this franchise. There is a CGI city and the asthetic is so 'Star Wars'. There are Andorians and Orions – the make up for whom has gone downhill. There is no community responsibility. Did I see a Talosian? There are personal transporters. Where's the Emperor? Book is implacably awful.

Book needs a kicking. Michael trips and rants. The Andorian and Orion makeup is horrid. Michael punches Book, who has a moral burden. Someone meances his cat. There are silly weapons that look like the doomsday machine. This was not lucid or reasoned. There is a long simmering conflict. Michael has eternal hope. Is Book crucial to the narrative? Where is Ash? There is no social cohesion.

There is no potentiality. Michael has no idea who Book is or what he has done. There are fish. What are the social consequnces of no UFP? Is there a Typhon Pact or is that been ret-gone? There is complexity. Why is Book's head glowing? Why does he have no shirt on? Book is evasive and has no moral claim. What happened to the subspace channels? Book lies and realises Michael is a time traveler.

What were the Temporal Wars? Is the Guardian Of Forever still around? Where is Grudge? Future weapons turn people in ludicrious gibs. So much for 'Star Trek: Picard'. What is in the cargo hold? Is that one of Morn's species? Michael gets swallowed and spat up by an alien monster. Book claims to save endangered species. What are transworms? What is Sanctuary? Transworms are acquatic?

What happened in the 930 years?? When did Michael shower? Why are trees red on Sanctuary? A Federation relay station is visisted. Something of the UFP remains. There are 2 UFP ships out there. There is no mention of the Bureau of Temporal Investigations. There is no Starfleet and a man spent 40 years in his office looking for Starfleet ships. How much of the Federation still exists? The UFP flag is unfurled. The cat is a maine coon. Michael vows to find others and rebuild the UFP. Hope lives again.

Best Lines:

“Activate impact shield!”

“Identify space time location.”

“Is there life here? Anywhere?”

“I do not want your acquaintance!”

“Rocket girl.”

“Our numbers are few.”

“Go back to your own parts.”

“Nowhere to go back to.”

“You have a very large cat.”

“Your cargo used to be someone else's cargo.”

“The Federation. The old days.”

“The heart of every warp capable ship.”

“That's not possible.”

“Believe in that vision.”

“I wouldn't care.”

“Antique vendors.”

“Andorians don't do fun.”

“Gonna go bad.”

“Everybody's got a story.”

“That's not right!”

“Today does not happen to people, ever.”

“Super cool story...completely devastating way.”

“For the sake of creation!”

“Compensating for something?”

“That hope is you.”

“Before the collapse.”

“Not here yet.”

“The Federation fell.”

“I'm not welcome.”

“To ensure the future.”

“Long range sensors failed decades ago.”

“Don't know what we all know.”

“All time travel technology was destroyed after The Temporal Wars.”

Roadkill (2020) 1x01

This boring BBC1 drama stars a balding Hugh Laurie. This was a 'House Of Cards' knockoff. An 'Agents Of SHIELD' actor plays Laurie's sidekick. The opening credits are silly. Laurie plays a politican who had a tough background and just won a libel trial. He has a radio show. A shrill PM annoys.

A reporter is fired for her libel of Laurie. People utter photocopier manual prose. This was not deliciously clever. It is rather ludicrous. This was made with unimpressive intellect. This was not even marginally interesting. This was not psychologically compelling. This drains the joy out of life. The alcho reporter refuses to be fired and is scum. This was eejitry. People have deluded cohorts. Laurie cheats. There is socioapthic distain and this was best forgotten.

Best Lines:

“Not been easy years.”

“Stuck by his writer.”

“At some cost.”

“4 great offices of state.”

“You changed your story. In court. Under oath.”

“Dunkirk, white cliffs, Winston.”

“Drug search.”

“Fatberg in the drain of government.”

“Dirty bedsheets."

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