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Trailer, Quotes & 3 Tape Tales

'The Spanish Princess' 2x03 promo

Katherine whines about Wolsey. The Scots revolt.

Radishes – nice.

Roast garlic & black pepper mayo – yum.

RIP Fungi? 🐬🙏

People keep me out of plans.

What is Mexican sweetcorn cake?

Who saw 'Rawhead Rex', 'The Witches' (1990), 'Enemy', 'Audition', 'The Night Of The Hunter' and 'Misery'?

Bluebirds are cute.

I missed another 'Misty & Scream' issue.

I'll review 'To Lose The Earth' and 'A Contest Of Principles'.

Why did my ex turn inexplicably hostile and weirdly mean? I'm hurt badly. How did I become uwanted? My ex has deliberate refusal to apologise.” My ex = overtly malicious. My ex caused dashed expectations. He has moral flaws. I feel profoundly unhappy. My ex had dangerous personality traits in retrospect. I once had warm admiration for him. One feels baffled despair at how I am not worth considering to my ex. He is gloriously unkind. I'm completely alone. He did me a grevious wrong. My ex destroyed our relationship. I feel unrestrained anger.

I'd competely forgotten about the 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' comic and I'm boycotting 'Angel'.

Cleared out 3 tapes. 📼📼📼

What's cultured butter or land cress?

Candlestick couture is a thing?

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Remain concerned.”

“Prefering his own company.”

“Little fin.”

“Congregate in car parks.”

'Coronation Street' Quote:

“She poured a can of fizzy drink over me.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Uncertainty and rumour.”

“Non food pubs.”

“Alert levels.”

“Vociferously opposing.”

“Can no longer be treated.”

“Life event.”

“Reacted badly to sucess.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quote:

“Freighted with ideological baggage.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Going out of our mind with loneliness.”


“Produce chaos.”

“Some unsavoury dive.”

“Ominiously named pest sheds.”

“Appalling era.”

Under duress.”

“Conciliatory attiude.”

“Unjustly be held responsible.”

“Needed to communicate a sense of confidence and hope.”

“Ever-lasting friendships.”

“That's the behaviour of a psychopath,”

“That's why there's five hundred rolls of Andrex four-ply quilted in the attic?”

“Giving me total filthies.”

“Travels through the crowd like a vicious rumour through Dalkey.”

“I'm terrified of him.”

“Fear of the prepetrator.”

“How the relationship she thought they had at the beginning, became the one she had to run away from.”

“Could see that it was going to end badly.”

“Shut down escape routes.”

“Designed to achieve obedience and create fear.”

“Blame the victim for their own abuse.”

“People not wanting to be viewed as vicitms.”

“So disrespected.”

“Public scandals and private relations.”

“Wide array of enemies.”

“Famous early 1970s audition.”

“Garners glowing responses wherver she goes.”

“Criminally unseen.”

“Spanned continents and generations.”

“Cleanse their respective societies from all that was deemed weak and outdated.”

“Assert himself as something other than a sidekick in Joe's stories.”

“No profound statement is left unmocked.”

“Each derides the other's realtionship choices.”

“No longer willing to listen to civilian experts.”

“National antipathy.”

“Harsh judgment on the motives.”

“Names engraved forever on the public consciousness.”

“Very different ideas of what constitues justice.”

“Financial distress.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“The streets are silent.”

'Unsolved Mysteries' Quote:

“Shipped off to a Nevada test site for storage.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Have you throw bricks at one another.”

“Good christian father.”

“Promises after promises.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“What might happen in the dark.”

“Be suspicious of me.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Now associate trade deals with Donald Trump and his chlorinated chickens.”

“Photographers would brawl with one another on the street.”

“Changed the way their fame is priced.”

“Lofty arbiter of what was permissible.”

“Impersonal vehicles of revealed truth.”

“Least disrespected.”

“Veneration for it has been waning over the past generation.”

“How society should be ordered.”

“Street hostilities.”

“No idea what it is like to live here and no interest in finding out.”

“Voluntarily unpaid.”

“War of conquest.”

“Never assume a conspiracy when mere incompetence will do?”

“Enthuse about their life chocies.”

“Thrill of the acquisition.”

'Seaquest 2032' Quote:

“Nothing ever lived there again.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“No one would speak a word of English to me.”

“No fat cap.”

“Bored them out.”


“Brown paper bag of earthly pleasures.”

“Made me suddenly feel seen.”

“The couple whose relationship ended with an engagement ring flung into a swimming pool.”

“Sketched a new design on a sick bag.”

“Tangible rite of passage for 18-year-old boarding-school graduates.”

“Reeked of desperation.”

“Identically dressed fawning fanbase.”

“Infuriating accusations.”

“Delusional malingerer.”

“Quite cross I was there.”

“Defiantly old-fashioned.”


“Willing to excuse his antics.”

“Subjected to conduct that could result in psychological damage.”

“Ideological indoctrination.”

“Unsettling echoes from history.”

“Few Romans approved of peace.”

“Lurid speculation about his personal life.”

“Ruinous fallout.”


“Orchestratec campaign to ignore me.”

“Nefarious influence.”

“Cultural and class snobbery.”

“Offically permitted wife.”

“Documents of existence we leave behind.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Ability to grant them entrance into a friendship group.

'Law & Order: SVU' Quotes:

“One chance at a future.”

“Career junkie.”

Watched the 'Unsolved Mysteries' ep 'Washington Insider Murder': a body was found in a landfill and he was IDed by his West Point ring. He served 3 POTUS' and worked with veterans. The body was found in 2010. His house was thrashed and did he have a manic epsiode? There is discommoding conversations with his family. This ep caused weariness and deja vu. How did he end up in a dunpster in Newark? Dumpsters are referred to as cans and 8 yarders and 6 yarders. Did he climb into a dumpster? His family are obviously lying. What happened to his briefcase? Who set off smoke bombs? People have emotional biases.

Best Lines:

“Housing dispute.”

“Steet muggers...leave the body where it drops.”

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