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Dceased Dead Planet Issue 4 + Green Hornet Issue 3 Reviewed 👎👎

Dceased Dead Planet Issue 4

The anti-life is not an increasingly terrifying situation. There is no wincing violence in this apocalyptic existence which is so devoid of hope and so denched in cruelty and violence. There is no emotional heft. Who or what are the New Gods? There are irreversible impacts and horrible uncertainty.

There is little room for nunace and the heroes are truculent. There are acts of despair and morose reflection. Who are these New Gods? This issue was nonsensical and illogical. How do they clean their hero costumes? Who is Scott Free? A New God in a chair flies around in space, alrighty then. What or who is Metron? Constantine has Madame Xanadu's crystal ball (those words make no sense). What is New Genesis? Dinah sulks.

How is Jon stronger than his dad? New Gods are bullies. How are Jon and the new Wonder Woman breathing in space? Darkseid shows up as a zombie. But there are too many New Gods in stupid outfits to care.

Best Lines:

“You gave me to Darkseid.”

“Killing Wonder Woman and Superman used to be high on the bucket list of a lot of my old friends.”

“Gods, they're all about the awe.”

“Grifting a god.”

“Skewered by a magic sword and bleeding out.”

“I'll be okay.”

“Sure, lots of people have said that before being turned into murderous agents of the anti-life equation.”

“Destroyed the world, and all who lived upon it.”

“Something so hot about an emotionally aware Batman.”

Green Hornet Issue 3

There is fighting and incoherence. The art is so green. This issue is so short and the art is really ugly. The plot is engimatic. I certainly didn't enjoy it.

Best Lines:

“My first wife. Still my favorite.”

“At long last you must pay the price for your unspeakable crimes!”

“Loyalty and friendship.”

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