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Book Review: Year Zero Volume 1

The dead walk, the living sorta run in this graphic novel. A Japanese hitman, a Mexican street kid, an Afghan military aide, a Polar research scientist and a Midwestern American prepper face a global epidemic. This was good. The prepper's call sign is Rambo Dragon. This was wholly satisfactory, overwhelming and bleak. Someone deeply regrets a borderline irresponsible decision. There is sinister reality and the zombie apocalypse escalated dramatically. There is fatalism and inertia. There are isolated and fearful people living with trauma. The prepper meets someone.

Best Lines:

“We're specks of dust on a rock spinning through an infinite void.”

“Terrified of their irrelevance.”

“The worst is here.”

“This world is damned. The devil walks among us.”

“Nobody believed them when I told them what was coming.”

“Risen to claim the world.”

“Impassable swarm of infection.”

“He had risen indeed.”

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